How does the Duval Group support the Real Estate Market in the long term?

The Duval Group refers to a family business recognized in the field of real estate. This establishment is present throughout the real estate value chain. The Duval Group is renowned for its approach that generates synergies between its activities. Obviously, this family group supports its clients in terms of the operation of real estate and assistance with project management. He is also a professional in fund management and real estate development.

What are the values ​​of the Duval group?

Groupe Duval is the real estate group founded by Éric Duval. He leads a large number of real estate projects. This entity was created under the impetus of active investors, its real estate activities generally include investment, management on behalf of third parties, but also asset management and project management.

To develop territories, heritage, visions and projects, the Duval Group defends a few essential values ​​such as high standards, creativity and agility. The group created by Éric Duval studies market needs and remains attentive to customers.

Innovation and inventiveness are also at the heart of how he does things. The establishment supports you in your process. Its adaptability allows you to take advantage of the best solutions for your project.

What are the real estate projects carried out by the Duval Group?

Since its founding in 1994, the family business has not stopped realizing new real estate programs, of all sizes and very varied. Its projects are at the same time sustainable, responsible and innovative. Everyone is interested in it.

Offices, shops, major urban facilities, business parks, individual housing, block houses are all projects carried out by the Duval Group on an international scale. Regarding the construction of homes, this real estate developer designs different types of residences.

Its achievements (studio for students or seniors, tourist residences, collective housing, etc.) all meet the expectations of local authorities, owners and occupants of the property.

How does the Duval group deal with the environmental cause?

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To face the environmental cause, the Duval Group is committed to carrying out projects for a sustainable society. More specifically, he seeks to found a society that lasts through his participation in models of education, health and agribusiness.

The company contributes to the eye care of young people in Africa. She built a health center in Cambodia. The family company Duval is also interested in importing products from Asia, such as FedRice to France. It imports fair trade and organic coconut products from Sao Tome and Principe. Finally, this family firm participates in entrepreneurship in many African countries.

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