How does Wetransfer work ?

It is no secret that technological prowess has spared no industry. This revolution gave birth to several applications or transfer services that are very effective in sharing files. These services include We transfer : one of the most popular platforms in the field and offering many advantages. Discover in this article, this service of transfer.

What is WeTransfert?

WeTransfer is a online transfer service, which allows free file transfer. It was created in 2009 by Nälden, Rinke Visser and Bas Beerens. Available in eight languages, this platform is cloud-based. It is a solution to the various problems encountered when sending large files. It goes without saying, because it allows you to send up to 2 GB of files for free. Its simplicity and speed, facilitate the transfer of these large files unlike Google drive or Dropbox. This service exists in a free version but also in a paid version.

How to send a file with WeTransfert?

To send a file via WeTransfert, here are the steps to follow.

  • At first glance, you must go to the platform site.
  • Then, click on “I accept” to accept the general conditions and the use of Cookies on the home page on the left.
  • Search your computer for the file (s) to send by clicking on “+ Add files”. At this level, it is possible to select a file or import a folder with its contents.
  • Enter your email address in the corresponding field to allow recipients to recognize the sender. This action may be accompanied by an optional message. A notification will be sent to your email once the transfer is complete
  • Send files by email or by link. These are two possibilities available to you. The first allows you to enter just the e-mail address (es) in the corresponding field. The second uses the sharing link, which is present in the field “Send as” available on the three dots icon
  • Click on transfer to start sending : In the case of the link, copy the link and share with your recipients.

An application is also available on smartphones. The operation is almost identical.

How to receive content with WeTransfert?

Recipients will have no problem downloading the files. The reception of files depends in part on the choice of the sending mode. If the files were sent via e-mail, just click on the link there. If it is the sharing link that has been communicated, it will suffice to open it. Files are only available for 7 days. Recipients should not delay at the risk of deletion.

What is more in the paid option of WeTransfert?

The paid version extends the possibilities of use. It offers several advantages. She permits :

  • transfer large files of up to 10 GB at one time,
  • to keep the files sent for more than 7 days (minimum 4 weeks for the premium version)
  • protect files with a password, a complete security measure,
  • to personalize the background of the site.

And the list is not exhaustive.

WeTransfert allows you to send files at exponential speed. If you have larger files, go for the paid version.

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