How Important Is Deworming Your Dog?

Deworming your dog is part of the essential care to be given to the latter. For him to stay in good health, and especially to prevent him from transmitting parasites to the humans around him, this preventive as well as curative treatment is mandatory. Regular vermification is necessary for a good quality of life for the dog.

Why is deworming necessary?

The dewormer protects the dog from parasites that can affect his health. It eliminates parasitic worms from the digestive system and the dog’s body in general. By its action, it prevents a generalized infestation of the animal whose parasites can be transmitted to humans.

How do I know if my dog ​​needs to be dewormed?

The signs of the presence of worms in a dog’s body are often:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Cough

In addition, if your dog is scratching more than usual or puts his butt on the ground to move forward, there is a chance that he is contaminated. You can have his stool checked by a veterinarian for confirmation.

Choose the best dewormer for your dog

The veterinarian is the person designated to tell you what type of dewormer to use for your dog. Dewormers exist in different presentations, namely: tablet, pipette, liquid, powder. Your dog will be properly treated with Drontal brand dewormer which is a broad spectrum dewormer. The latter treats both roundworms and tapeworms. Be sure to consult the instructions to give it the right dosage according to its weight.

How many days do I have to deworm my dog?

Happy golden breed dog

How often your dog should be treated depends on his age. If it is a puppy, you must deworm it from 15 days after birth. Then you resume every two weeks until he is two months old. Treatment then changes to once a month until she is six months old.

For an adult dog, it should be treated at least every three months, i.e. 4 times a year. A breeding bitch will need to be dewormed two weeks before mating, then two weeks after the puppies are born.

Where can I buy dewormer?

Dewormers are available from pharmacies on prescription. But there are also some that are available over the counter. You can get them in some stores and supermarkets. If you choose this solution, take the time to choose a broad-spectrum dewormer, and read the package leaflet carefully to administer the correct dose.

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