How Many People Visit Disneyland Paris Every Day?

Disneyland Paris is one of the largest amusement parks in the world. It is a place that welcomes people with various status from all corners of the world every day. Here is a point of the number of visitors that Mickey’s kingdom records per day in Paris.

What is the Disneyland Paris attendance per day?

Before shedding light on the daily attendance at Disney Paris, it is essential to mention that there are periods of high and low attendance. Indeed, the crowd is not the same in the park every day of the year. It generally varies depending on seasons. However, making a general assessment of the number recorded each day over the years, the number of daily dating is on average 27,000 people.

The busy periods mainly recorded in summer, when students are in holidays. It is also the period when foreign tourists are numerous in Paris. They thus take advantage of their residence time to take a Disneyland. The number of visitors is also high holidays and during the holidays (Christmas, Easter and New Year). The park organizes special events on these special occasions.

Regarding periods of low attendance, they are met at the Back to School. Indeed, september and november are the months with the lowest attendance. During the week, the paths of the park are practically deserted. On the other hand, it should be noted that the month of October is very busy despite the school year. The festivities halloween and other events organized by the park are the reason for such crowds.

What is the Disneyland Paris attendance per year?

The figures recorded by Disney Paris in terms of annual attendance are not always identical. Indeed, each year has its peculiarities. The park therefore submits to the realities associated with each period of a year. However, taking into account the figures recorded in previous years, the annual attendance is of 10 million people.

What is the Disneyland Paris attendance record?

The number 1 amusement park in Europe had the highest attendance in its history in 2012. Indeed, the park celebrated its 20 ᵉ birthdays that year. For the occasion, there was major renovation work in the parks and hotels. Suddenly, the number of visitors increased considerably. The recorded figure is 16 million people.

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