How much does an Uber Eats delivery person earn?

If you are considering becoming an Uber Eats courier, it is normal for you to seek an estimate of your future compensation, and possibly compare it to that offered by the competition before you commit.

That said, you should note that there isn’t a fixed salary for the Uber Eats delivery guy, with the delivery guy being paid mostly on the run.

However, to give you an idea of ​​the amount, we are offering here a simulation of your potential income from the pricing applicable to Uber Eats couriers.

If you are already convinced the best thing to do is to register as a courier with Uber Eats first, the registration link is here: Register with Uber Eats.

The race pay system at Uber Eats

The company Uber Eats offers to deliverers of its platform, a system of remuneration for the race. This means that Uber Eats partner couriers are not employees and do not receive a fixed salary in the classic sense of the term, to better understand, take the time to read the article of Courier à Vélo to become an Uber Eats courier.

The company simply recruits you as an independent contractor and pays you on the job. In other words, Uber Eats pays you on the run and only if you shop. Your remuneration will therefore depend essentially on the frequency of your deliveries.

The delivery pricing model at Uber Eats

If there is one piece of data that should hold your attention regarding your earning possibilities, it is the pricing grid established by Uber Eats. It specifies the criteria and the amount that the company pays to the Uber Eats courier for each order delivered and according to the distance.

Recall that thanks to the opening of its French subsidiary on February 3, 2020, Uber Eats has updated the price of the races applicable to its deliverers. A priori more advantageous update, marked by the elimination of service fees formerly billed by the box and a substantial change in prices per trip.

A Quick Look at the Latest Uber Eats Courier Pricing

Applied to contracts signed after September 25, 2019, here is a brief summary of what the new pricing provides.

For a courier operating in Paris

Uber Eats pays you per ride:

  • € for recovery at the restaurant
  • € for delivery to the customer
  • € / km of distance traveled

Or on average € 3.66 for a race over a short distance of 1 km.

On this simplistic basis, a Parisian courier who performs an average of 4 trips / hour (3.66 x 4 = € 14.64 / hour) while working 7 hours a day, would gain in simulation € 102.48 / day, 512, € 4 per week (5 working days) and € 2,049.6 of monthly turnover, excluding social security contributions.

For a courier outside Paris

Uber Eats pays you per ride:

  • € 1.90 for recovery at the restaurant
  • € 0.95 for customer discount
  • 0.76 € / km of distance traveled
  • 0% service charge

Or on average € 3.61 for a race over a short distance of 1 km.
Using our simulation on the same basis of 4 trips / hour, a courier from another city would earn € 101.08 / day, € 505.4 / week and € 2,021.6 / month excluding deduction of social contributions.

Factors that can influence the remuneration of an Uber Eats courier

While Uber Eats couriers are paid per ride, it’s also essential to note that their compensation is also influenced by a multitude of factors. Thus, the turnover achievable by a delivery person of the sign will be more or less important depending on:

  • The city in which he works (Paris or other cities)
  • The number of couriers connected in the same area
  • The number of races done
  • The waiting time between each delivery
  • Waiting time at the restaurant and / or at the customer’s
  • Bonuses and multiplication bonuses
  • The speed at which the delivery man drives
  • Weather
  • Any tips, etc …
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