How much does it cost to clean an EGR valve?

Thinking of cleaning your vehicle’s EGR valve and want to know how much it will cost you? In general, you should be aware that the price of cleaning your EGR valve may vary depending on whether you are doing it yourself or using the services of a garage. Below, everything you need to know about the cost of maintaining your EGR valve.

What is the price of going through a garage for cleaning?

You should know that there is no pre-established standard rate. The costs may vary depending on several factors, including the make and model of your vehicle, the garage chosen or the duration of the intervention. But in general, the average price varies between 60 to 300 €, or even more.

How much does it cost me if I clean it myself?

You can clean the EGR valve yourself, provided you know how to do it of course. This option has the advantage of being more economical for you, since it does not require labor. Cleaning will only cost you the amount you paid for the purchase of the EGR valve cleaning kit. Or 25 to 45 € depending on the chosen brand.

When to clean the EGR valve?

There are several signs that should draw your attention to the need for servicing the EGR valve. In general, the alert is given to you by the engine warning light or the anti-pollution warning light of your vehicle. You should also consider cleaning your EGR valve in case of abnormal engine operation.

Especially when you notice the release of an abundant amount of black smoke from the exhaust, a loss of power during acceleration, engine stalls at low speed, or vibrations among others.

How to clean an EGR valve?

Cleaning your EGR valve can be more or less easy depending on whether you are doing it yourself or using a garage technician. If you go for personal cleaning, one of the easy methods is cleaning kit treatment and follow a guide to clean an EGR valve.

The trick is to get yourself a cleaning product (aerosol) that you will inject into your engine’s intake without having to disassemble anything.

On the other hand, for cleaning the EGR valve, the professional mechanic more often uses the treatment by injection station, by connecting directly to the intake circuit of your car. He can also opt for a complete disassembly of the EGR valve, in order to carry out in-depth maintenance, or even replace the valve if necessary.

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