How not to come quickly on your first time?

Here is a fear shared by all virgin teenagers and young men! The first time, the excitement is such that ejaculation is often premature. If you fear it, know that you can, before the big day and during the act, try some tips to reduce the risks.

Training pays off!

Learn how your body and genitals react beforehand. When the sperm rises and you are close to cum it feels different and with a little practice you get to know it. You can then change your actions in bed to delay the deadline.

In addition, limit the discovery aspect of the first time. Instead of classic masturbating with your hand, try out techniques that bring feelings close to real sex. So, make a fake female sex and go back and forth with your pelvis to simulate real penetration. On D-day, the feeling will be very different from these tests, but your experience will limit the risks of a very rapid ejaculation linked to the novelty of the movement.

There are also many sextoys that simulate the sex of a woman. They improve your workout, especially if you buy an item like a fleshlight or a vagina.

Never go out armed!

Do you know when will be your first time? If you are in a relationship with a young girl and you speak freely, you have surely brought up the subject. If not, you know that there are certain situations that are more likely to result in first sex, such as welcoming a young girl into your room alone or going to a party.

Before these events, free your mind… and body. Do not go when you have not enjoyed for a week. In the event of report, you will then risk to ejaculate very quickly because of the lack. Take the time to masturbate first. It can be once or twice.

The other advantage of this advice is that you free yourself from your cravings. You will then tend to be more natural with the girls and therefore, to flirt with less heaviness.

Aim for the marathon, not the sprint.

You can’t be a sex expert being a virgin. However, your urges should not dictate your behavior and cause you to lose your mind. On your first time, don’t frantically and quickly penetrate your partner from the start for fear of coming in thirty seconds. Take your time.

Try some foreplay, then during penetration, vary the pace. Slow down or even stop if you feel that enjoyment is coming. The good trick may also be to change your position. This creates a small cut and since the sensations of your penis and glans vary with movement, the differences may delay a bit.

The best solution, if you are with a lover you can talk to easily, is to even cum twice. Enjoy long foreplay and cum for the first time during them. Then, take care of her via caresses or cunnilingus and when your penis is operational again, go to penetration. With this process, the premature ejaculation of the first penetration should not happen!

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