How old to have a Pocket Quad?

The pocket quad represents a variant of quad specially designed to introduce our youngest children to the pleasure of driving on four wheels.

In general, the minimum age is estimated at 3 years from which children can be offered their first quad. You can therefore find the model adapted to your child’s abilities and take all the necessary precautions to teach him early to master the piloting of the quad. We will enlighten you on the ideal age to give your child a pocket quad.

From 3 years old the child can go pocket quad

As a rule of thumb, the ideal age at which a child can ride a quad is 3 years old. From this age most children are physically strong and agile to pilot a quad. Parents who wish to initiate their toddler can then find the quad suitable for a child from the range of pocket quad available on the market.

These are models specially designed to match the aptitudes of the youngest. Small in size, slower and less powerful than conventional quads. With a speed of 5-7 km / h, most of them are equipped with a 6-12V battery for electric models or a 50 cc thermal engine for gasoline models.

What precautions should be taken?

Child riding a quad bike and wearing a helmet and protective gear

The first precaution is to make sure that the model of quad bike you want to buy is suitable for the age of your child. Then think about the safety of your child by making sure that the quad has safety features that allow the child to operate his machine safely.

Reliable models will have control features such as remote engine shutdown and a built-in speed tuner.

Finally, be sure to provide your child with the main personal protective equipment essential to limit the risk of injury in the event of a fall. Including a helmet, gloves, boots, pants, goggles, etc.

How to teach the quad to your child?

The key to successful learning for your child is to get started as soon as they reach the recommended age for quad biking. In fact, the sooner he starts, the more chance he has of mastering it. Of course you must understand that the acquisition of the basics of piloting can vary from one child to another. Hence the interest of going at the pace of your child

You must start by teaching him the basic safety gestures in matters of piloting. After this first step, you can then explain to him in detail and show him how a quad works.

When you feel it is ready for its first ride, we recommend that you start at a slower speed. Have him train on different types of terrain.

At 13 you have to switch to a model above

From the age of 13 and beyond, you can turn to more efficient conventional quads. By this age, most of our grown children have the strength and dexterity necessary to properly pilot more powerful quads.

Models in this age group are usually equipped with a powerful 125 cc or electric 1000 W heat engine with a 36 V battery, which can be propelled at a speed of 45 km / h.

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