How to access Papystreaming after blocking in France?

Streaming sites are frequently blocked in France, but their access is not impossible and here is how it is possible. Going to Papystreaming and realizing that it is blocked is a problem that happens quite frequently, here is a solution to access it even after a blockage.

Go through a VPN to access Papystreaming

The solution is simple enough to be able to access Papystreaming, even if it is blocked. Indeed, the blockage is in France and only in France, so go through another country to be able to access it.

Trying to Google that you are in another country is possible with a VPN. You just have to do this to access it:

  • Download a VPN, like Nord VPN or Cyberghost for example
  • Install the VPN, on your computer
  • Log in or create an account
  • Select a country where you geolocate
  • Go back to Papystreaming and refresh the page

Choose a French-speaking country, such as Canada, Belgium or Switzerland, to be able to enjoy streaming in VF or VOSTFR. Through the use of a VPN, your internet network will not detect that you are in France, it will think that you are abroad and your ISP will not be the sites you visit.

A blockage specific to France

It is on May 23, 2019 that the French justice ordered the blocking of many streaming sites such as Dustreaming, Streamiz, 01streamingvf, Cinemay, Filmcomplet, Frstreaming, Libertyland, Papystreaming, Seriestreaming, Streamgratuit and many others.

The point is that Internet service providers (ISPs) are ordered to block these sites. So if you are with one of the French providers like SFR, Free, Bouygues Telecom or even Orange, you will be unable to access Papystreaming.

What is not legal in France is totally legal can be in some countries like Switzerland and in others the legislation is much more flexible in Belgium for example. It is in this sense that you can use your VPN to go through these countries and enjoy Papystreaming.

Is it illegal to watch streams?

In concrete terms, it is not illegal to go to a streaming site and watch streaming content, as a user you risk nothing. But what’s illegal is the streaming platform itself.

Indeed, the contents which are on the sites of streaming, are put illegally, the people do not have the copyrights of the rights holders. People therefore have content on an external server and make it available to you on the internet.

Take advantage of legal sites to watch streaming media

There are many sites that you can go through to watch streaming media legally. These sites have the rights to show you these videos. Among them you can count on Netflix, Amazon Prime or even OCS. This is the perfect way to avoid taking advantage of an illegal system.

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