How to access YggTorrent after the change of address?

Quick Access to Content – Summary

YggTorrent, one of the leading sites for streaming content, changed address once again on December 2. However, its owner is resourceful and has done what is necessary to ensure that you still benefit from its various contents. But then how to get there, at what address to go?

YggTorrent overview

YggTorrent is a site created in 2017, the goal of which is to upload hundreds of cultural content, whether it is films, series, video games, but also software. They operate under the principle of BitTorrent hosting and link referencing. However, what you need to know is that the content on this platform is pirated, they do not have any copyright. It is for this reason that frequently, this type of site is forced to change address.

Access YggTorrent, despite blocking

The managers of this type of site do not let this happen, to get around this blockage, they use new addresses. Thus the previous address was YggTorrent followed by the extension “.pe”, henceforth, it is to the address that you have to go to be able to consult the various available contents.

Why was there this change of address for YggTorrent?

In 2017, the same year that YggTorrent appeared on search engines, an agreement was made to downgrade illegal content from search engines. It is for this reason that Google does not hesitate to dereference sites like YggTorrent. However, this is not the only reason why YggTorrent has changed address, indeed the various ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have the obligation to block the addresses of these sites following a court injunction.

Is it necessary to use a VPN?

If you want to access YggTorrent, you can also go through the VPN system. You will be able to connect from anywhere and easily access movies, series and any other content available on the platform. All you have to do is connect to the VPN software of your choice and choose the country of reception and return to the site, so the advantage is that by being abroad you can enjoy French content.

Am I illegal when I stream a movie?

Going to these platforms to watch a movie streaming does not make your action illegal. It is the sites themselves that are illegal because they put cultural content online that they do not have the copyright to.

Be aware that there are sites offering completely legal streamings. You can therefore go through Netflix, OCS or even Amazon Prime to watch all the series and movies you want, within the limits of their availability on the platforms. These different platforms have paid the copyright, so they are free to share them with you.

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