How to announce the birth of my boy?

You recently became the proud parents of an adorable baby boy. Now you only have one desire: to share your happiness and announce the birth to your loved ones and family members. For this, you can opt for the birth announcement. How to design and personalize it?

The boy’s birth announcement card, a traditional and timeless solution

Birth announcement, uncluttered

The origin of the birth announcement dates back to the 18th century. First reserved for royal families, it has gradually become more democratic. Today, sending an announcement to announce a birth is a real tradition. However, don’t get me wrong: while it is traditional, the current birth announcement is also modern. Indeed, it is possible to find very original models, to surprise your recipients.

How to design a birth announcement for a boy?

The easiest and fastest way to design an original boy birth announcement card is to visit an online printer’s site. There are many providers offering various designs to announce the birth of your baby in the prettiest way.

But beware: not all online printers are created equal. Also, compare the prices offered, but also the quality of the illustrations and paper used, the diversity of the catalog and the customization options. Choose a service provider offering you an easy-to-learn creation module!

How to choose a birth announcement for a boy?

The choice of your original boy’s birth announcement card depends on several criteria:

  • The theme. You can opt, for example, for a gendered theme reminiscent of the male universe. Conversely, it is quite possible to choose a mixed theme. Are you lacking inspiration? Here you will find original boy birth announcement ideas that suit you.
  • The format. Simple or more elaborate, it is a matter of preference. Note that postcard format announcements are much easier and faster to personalize than cards with multiple flaps. You can also select an elaborate birth announcement card in pouch or origami format, among others.
  • Your budget. The creation, personalization and sending of your birth announcements represent a more or less important cost. It is therefore essential to take stock of your budget before embarking on this project.

How to write the announcement of the birth of your baby?

Traditionally, several pieces of information are mentioned in an invitation: the first name and date of birth of your little boy, as well as his weight and height. Formal, humorous or original, it’s up to you to choose the tone you will use to announce the birth of your baby. You can, for example, ask his siblings to participate in the writing!

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