How to apply for a call for tenders?

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Whether you are an SME, a craft business or a large-scale company, calls for tenders represent real opportunities for you to sign contracts and boost your turnover. However, to win these markets, it is essential not to make certain mistakes. Indeed, many companies make the mistake of applying for a call for tenders because of the opportunity it represents and put together their response package in a hurry. Which is not the best technique to adopt if you want to be selected as a service provider for a public contract. Discover the steps to follow to respond correctly to a call for tenders.

Applying for a call for tenders: the importance of K-BIS

For apply for a call for tenders, it is essential to properly prepare the documents to be provided. This file will allow the community which published the advertisement to verify that you have the technical, professional and financial capacities necessary to carry out the desired service.

To do this, you will need to provide a duly completed electronic form (ESPD) as well as a declaration on honor. You must also own a Kbis which you can obtain on the site, if you do not have it yet. As a reminder, the Kbis is the identity card of your company. It is therefore the document that certifies the legality of your structure.

On this document, all the essential information such as the legal name of your company, its identification number, the amount of its share capital, etc. are identified. This is a essential document for the opening of a bank account in the name of the company, a purchase or an application for a call for tenders. If you do not have a Kbis, you must present a letter of delegation to apply for the community’s offer.

In addition to these 3 essential documents, it will also be necessary to provide a certificate of civil liability as well asa presentation of your company. This last piece is a document that presents relevant references from your business that are less than 5 years old. This presentation must include details of the name of the community concerned, the year of the offer, the description of the service, the amount as well as the contact details.

Prepare the response to the call for tenders

Apart from the constitution of the application file, it is necessary to prepare your answer well. Indeed, applying for a call for tenders is both a commercial act and an administrative act. The administrative part concerns the preparation of the documents to be provided, while the commercial act is linked to your commercial proposal. In general, this proposal contains a detailed price for your service (if you win the market) and a very detailed commercial offer called a methodological note or technical brief.

In addition, in order to answer correctly and put the odds in your favor, it is essential to avoid haste. To do this, detect the consultation as early as possible. This strategy will protect you from the mistakes of hasty preparation.

To be immediately informed of calls for tenders published by local authorities, organize your own internet monitoring or use the services of a professional who will collect all the announcements concerning the sector in which your structure operates.

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