How to apply for a scholarship for the university?

While they are in Terminale, the majority of students wish to obtain a scholarship for the university. Indeed, the scholarship student is entitled to an allowance which allows him to study in good conditions. However, many students are not sure how to go about applying for a scholarship.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to do to apply for a scholarship at the university!

The prerequisites for obtaining the scholarship

Before starting the procedure for applying for a scholarship at a university, you must ensure that you are eligible to obtain one. The conditions for obtaining a university scholarship are diverse. You will need to complete them all, to have any chances of getting a scholarship.

Be under 28 years old

You must be under 28 when you first apply for a scholarship. An exception is made to disabled people for whom there is no condition relating to age. This can pose some financial problems in the event of resumption of studies.

Be registered in initial training

To apply for a scholarship, you must be enrolled in initial training, in a public or private education course, capable of receiving scholarship holders. There are no specific branches, it can be economic, literary, sports studies …

Simulate the stock market

To find out if you are eligible and to know the amount of your probable scholarship, you can use the scholarship simulator. By entering information about your parents’ income, the number of children in your family or the distance between your place of study and your home, you will have a rough idea of ​​your eligibility.

The steps for applying for a university scholarship

Once you are eligible to receive a scholarship, you can then follow specific steps to receive your scholarship.

Formulate your DES request

The first step in your scholarship application is to formulate your student social file request. From January 15 to May 20, you will need to complete a student file on the internet for your scholarship. You will complete your student social file with the CROUS of the university where you wish to study.

To complete your file with CROUS, you will need your national student identification number (INE), proof of education, as well as the tax opinion on your parents’ income.

Formulate your study wishes

After submitting your student social file, you will then have to formulate your study wishes, choosing the universities or academies of your choice. Once you have submitted your file, you will receive, within 48 hours, confirmation of the submission of your file.

Return to CROUS the signed paper version of their file

When you receive the CROUS email, you will need to verify the information to make sure there are no errors. Then, you will return to CROUS, the paper and signed version of your file for a study. At the end of the study of your file, the CROUS will send you a conditional notice.

Finalize the formalities and obtain your scholarship

You will present your conditional opinion when you register for university. At that time, you will receive a final notice, and you will then know the amount of your scholarship. The last step will be to send CROUS proof of your registration.

Here is the procedure for applying for a university scholarship. We advise you to be proactive, to avoid making a request beyond the deadlines!

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