How to Apply for Credit Redemption from Crédit Agricole?

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The repurchase of credit consists in grouping several bank loans in one to obtain a reduction in the monthly payments and to reduce your expenses. Thus, to request a repurchase of credit at Crédit Agricole, it is necessary to proceed in successive stages. Also, the request must take a certain formality and be addressed to the appropriate establishment. Do you want to know everything about the Crédit Agricole buyout process? If so, here is some useful information on the procedure.

How to make a request for repurchase of credit?

It is possible to contact Crédit Agricole by phone call to request a loan repurchase. The requester can direct the request to an advisor who takes the necessary steps for the treatment. You can also reach this bank by e-mail. For this purpose, you must complete a contact form posted on the company’s website. It is also possible to contact Crédit Agricole for the repurchase of credit by post. In this case, the request and the required supporting documents must be sent by post to the postal address of Crédit Agricole.

Who can redeem my loan taken out with Crédit Agricole?

Credit consolidation is done by specialist banks. These establishments operate in partnership with intermediaries who are responsible for carrying out the first phases of the investigation of the applicant’s request. Thus, for example, if you choose to go through Moderatio for the repurchase of credit from Crédit Agricole, it will receive a mandate from the banks to act on their behalf.

How to write a redemption request? A credit redemption request is drawn up according to models available online. It must contain a certain number of elements and information relating to the subject of the request. The reason may vary depending on the type of redemption request desired. Once you have chosen the letter template online, you can download it. Thus, you get your redemption request letter in Word version. All that remains is to complete the fields indicated on the form and your redemption request is ready. If the request must be sent by La Poste, remember to print the letter beforehand.

How do I know if a Crédit Agricole loan buyback is accepted?

Acceptance of a loan repurchase request at Crédit Agricole is materialized by receipt of the loan contract proposal. It follows on from the dossier examination and feasibility study phases. The procedure is led by a professional credit buy-back advisor. The credit contract offer is in the form of an agreement presenting the specifics of credit redemption. It therefore deals with questions relating to the total amount due, the duration of the payment, the rates and the new monthly payment revised downwards.

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