How to avoid scams and false roofers in Seine et Marne?

Need to make repairs, or just a good cleaning of your roof? It is essential to call on a suitable professional to accomplish this mission. In your region of Seine-et-Marne, many professional roofers are available, but beware of scams. Here are some solutions to avoid getting ripped off and have a real result.

Be careful when canvassing in your area

The first thing to beware of and canvassing, usually good companies don’t come to you, you do it. A typical example is when someone comes to ring your doorbell, tells you that they are passing through your neighborhood and notices a fault on your roof. You think this is a great chance for you, because you would never have been able to notice it. It is however a big mistake, when a building site is in progress, it is the priority of the company.

You should know that a true professional, like those at Couvreur 77, will never come to you directly. They will put a document in your mailbox, but will never come and impose themselves, to carry out a diagnosis.

Always make several quotes before deciding

As with any type of job, the best thing to do is always to make several quotes. Involve several companies, especially since in Seine-et-Marne, they are numerous. The main goal of this action is not to find the best price, because unfortunately when the price is too attractive, generally the quality is not.

The goal of making several quotes and collecting several opinions, to see what each of these companies thinks. So you will be able to see if different analyzes come back and are confirmed. Each company will tell you what they will do. The other reason is to have your feelings, because you will choose the roofer thanks to your feelings, if you do not trust a person at first sight, you will not let them do the work on your roof.

What are the doubtful elements to be aware of

The clues can be numerous, some very clear and others much less. Here is a list of clues that can tell you that it is a scam,

  • Never sign too quickly, sometimes the person in front of you will insist on getting you signed quickly, don’t, because once that is you are committed and there is nothing more you can do.
  • Be careful with cash advances, no company will ask you for cash. If you do it all the same, you will not have in return any accounting proof and therefore no proof of payment.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for references, previous projects, being self-employed or not. If the latter has recently become a self-employed person, ask him if he has any references to projects carried out in the company where he worked. Do not hesitate to ask him to provide you with his diplomas.
  • Ask him to provide you with proof of insurance, know that ten-year insurance is compulsory, it covers serious damage apparent within 10 years of the site.

Finally, a good roofer will always be able to justify his prices. So don’t hesitate to ask them why their prices are very low or, conversely, why they are high. There are many roofing companies in the 77, so do not hesitate to prospect before starting.

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