How to Avoid Traveling by Car as much as possible?

Are you looking for solutions to limit your trips by car? Whether it is with a view to limiting your emissions, optimizing your transport costs or exercising, many alternative modes of transport now allow you to get around without having to use your car.

You can, depending on your needs and your journeys, get around by bike, use public transport, ride a scooter, rollerblade or simply walk. We are focusing on each of these alternative means of transport.

Choose the bike for each of your trips

Woman on a mountain bike, with a yellow bag

Cycling is generally the priority option within the reach of people looking for solutions to limit travel with their personal car as much as possible. Whether it is in order to reduce your impact on the environment or to optimize your transportation expenses, riding a bicycle is a good choice.

With the development of cycle paths by the municipalities and the granting of bonuses on pedelecs, it is a solution increasingly encouraged in France. The models (classic, folding, mountain bike, electrically assisted) adapt to practically all mobility needs.

You can therefore use your bicycle as well for your trips from home to work, your small urban trips as for your hikes in the countryside. If the classic bike can be quite suitable, you will find in the folding bike a very good option because of its many advantages.

Public transport to save time

Public transport is an alternative to cycling for people wishing to ensure their mobility other than by using their car. If they can be combined with the use of your folding bike according to your journeys and your needs, the emphasis is on the time saving they allow, especially on longer distances.

Between high-speed interurban metro lines, tram lines, buses and taxis… the public transport offer has particularly developed in recent decades.

Whether you live in a large metropolitan area or a small town, you are sure to find convenient public transportation to make it easier to get around without your vehicle.

Scooter, rollerblading or walking are also solutions

Man on a skate, in town in Paris, moving green

Another alternative to avoid driving as much as possible is to use a scooter for your travels. Simple and accessible, it is the ideal ally to facilitate your trips in town, for the office or to carry out your small errands.

The models of electric and foldable scooters are intended to be more ergonomic and practical to brave traffic jams, delays in public transport, avoid crowds or the congestion of a bicycle… The use of roller blades is part of the same logic.

Perfect on relatively short journeys (6 to 7 km), rollerblading on a daily basis, however, requires good mastery, technique and good physical condition. Otherwise, you can always put on your sneakers to start walking as soon as you can, on your short-distance journeys. By doing this, you help improve your overall health.

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