How to become a truck driver in Quebec?

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Truck driver is a profession of freedom, the ideal way to discover Quebec and the world around it. But how to become a truck driver in Quebec, what are the prerequisites, the compulsory license and the training that must be taken to get there. Are you ready to become a truck driver in Quebec?

What license do I need to become a truck driver in Quebec?

To embark on a career as a truck driver in Quebec, means driving heavy machinery and therefore having the appropriate driver’s license. However, you have to pass the right license depending on the vehicle, because there are different types of heavy goods vehicles and therefore licenses of different classes. There are indeed 3 classes, to compensate for, all types of vehicles

  • Class 1, training to be taken in Montreal and Quebec
  • Class 2, required to drive buses equipped to carry more than 24 people
  • Class 3 gives the possibility of driving trucks

The training needed to become a truck driver

As said before, it is essential to pass class 1 training and to drive heavy vehicles. However, your profile must meet certain criteria, rules and requirements. For example, your driving record must show less than 4 demerit points, that your license has not been suspended or canceled during the last 2.

In addition, it is necessary that the driving license must have been obtained approximately 3 years ago. To make sure that you can drive safely, you will have to pass a medical and eye test. It is essential to be able to pass the training of truck driver, because the driving of heavy vehicle, requires a great physical endurance rather important, it is necessary to be concentrated for hours, most of the time alone and with irregular schedules, but also not common.

Truck driver, a sector where employment is not lacking

The profession of truck driver gives the opportunity to work in many sectors, varied according to your desires and your abilities.

  • Transport goods for customers (manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors) from one factory to another warehouse, or from warehouse to warehouse
  • Worked for a construction or public works company, to transport construction materials, raw materials, machinery and equipment to different construction sites
  • Worked for resource companies (mining, forestry, gas, oil, agriculture) who transport their products to processors
  • Worked for public organizations (governments, municipalities, Hydro-Quebec, etc.) who need a truck driver to transport various goods (mail, office equipment, etc.)
  • Become independent, own your vehicle and transport goods for various customers
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