How to Become a Truck Driver?

To exercise the profession of truck driver, it is necessary to have specific skills. These are acquired over years of experience. It is only after this that you will be entrusted with interstate transport missions. Do you aspire to do this job, but don’t know how to get there? You must first obtain a DEP, then a permit and finally find an employer.

Take a DEP

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The DEP or Diploma of Professional Studies in truck transport is necessary to work as a truck driver. This is a certification that attests to your ability to drive vehicles in the heavy-duty category and under certain conditions. It shows that you have acquired the necessary bases to qualify for this profession.

Thanks to this training, you will acquire economical driving and defensive driving techniques. It also allows you to learn and master the methods of solving problems related to road transport legislation. In addition, it helps you to be equipped with regard to the maintenance of heavy vehicles, the accomplishment of administrative tasks and trip planning. To ensure that you acquire these skills, choose Extra Center de Formation, to pass your DEP.

Pass your heavy goods vehicle license

You must also pass the permit to access this profession. A Type C license is ideal for driving heavy goods vehicles. The EC license is the one you must hold to be able to drive super heavy vehicles. To obtain one of these permits, you must already hold a type B permit and be at least 21 years old. The B license certifies your mastery of driving light cars.

Once it is obtained, you can pass the C or EC permit and if necessary, the FIMO goods. The Mandatory Minimum Initial Training conditions drivers for driving heavy vehicles weighing at least 3.5 tonnes after loading. It is a training requested by road transport companies that hire drivers of heavy vehicles. Make sure you take your license in an approved structure in order to receive a well-structured and supervised training.

Find a business that employs truck drivers

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Once all of your training is completed and you get your license, you can search for job openings. Remember to specify in your references the tasks that you can accomplish to arouse the interest of recruiters. If you can transport goods, specify it and say whether it is short or long distance. You can also specialize in the transport of specific goods.

Some companies are looking for profiles of drivers able to transport dangerous goods. If you feel capable of it, do not hesitate to specify it in your file. The ability to perform administrative and even commercial tasks is particularly sought after by companies that need you to be on the highways often.

Do not fail to develop skills in these areas as much as possible to be competitive on the job market.

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