How to Become No. 1 in Your Tennis Club?

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Playing tennis is an activity that is done in a club or as a hobby with friends and family. But choosing to go to a club is choosing performance, it is a place that has the regulatory and necessary facilities for this sport. As in most fields, there are certain conditions that must be met to be the best in the association. Here’s how to become number 1 in your tennis club.

Champion gear

To hit balls on a court, it is necessary to be equipped at least and to obtain equipment from a tennis specialist. First, being part of a recognized club allows you to enjoy several privileges. On the one hand, there is the presence of regulation tennis courts.

It is an essential condition for training and adapting to the optimal realities of competition. On the other hand, it is one of the requirements imposed by tournament organizers. This therefore facilitates your access to the various nationally recognized proficiency tests.

Then, you need a minimum of quality equipment to train. One speaks in particular of a racket and the balls. Finally, you need appropriate clothing for the practice of this sport. Emphasis will be placed on the shoe which must be adapted to the movements.

Regular workouts

Two people playing tennis

It is good to embark on this passion for tennis, however, to become a true champion, you must have a well-developed routine in the exercises. And this necessarily involves sessions in the weight room and regular training on the court.

The advantage of belonging to a club is also the possibility of having quick access to an experienced coach. Nevertheless, personal work is the only effective way to reach the top. It is also crucial to be able to compete with competent opponents.

This allows you to properly test your progress and correct imperfections in your game. This can be your rivet, your forehand or the slice. The movement of your legs is very important to acquire ease and power in your ball strikes.

Participation in all competitions

Tennis competition, player going to serve

To assess your level in tennis, you must have the opportunity to participate in recognized tournaments. It is also the advantage of belonging to a club. You will have the opportunity to participate in the most important competitions in your region.

To be able to represent the association, you have to be among the best in your group. Indeed, internal tests are regularly set up to allow sportswomen to assess their level.

In a self-respecting tennis organization, there are experienced coaches who will help you improve. Under their recommendation therefore, it is possible to quickly participate in the various skill tests. This is absolutely part of the steps to be taken to become number 1.

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