How to become self-sufficient in your home?

Becoming self-sufficient in your home is an idea that raises a lot of questions. Although this is very difficult to achieve, it is not impossible to live independently at home.

Indeed, by putting into practice tips and making the right decisions, you will be able to get there. Here’s how to become self-sufficient in your home.

Opt for ecological housing

If you plan to live independently at home, the ideal is to bet on ecological housing. It is recommended in this case to install everything close to essential resources.

You can therefore build your ecological house in the mountains, in the countryside or in the forest. You will thus have at your fingertips most of the natural resources you need. As for the choice of materials, consider making your walls in stone, wood or earth. If you choose to build the accommodation out of earth, make sure it includes clay.

Regarding the roof, you can choose wood, sheet metal or green roof. Either way, refer to a professional in the field.

Detect a water source

A self-sufficient house must necessarily have your own water source. If there are several ways to achieve this, a very simple and above all effective technique is to find your water with a stick.

Indeed, this object has already proved its worth by allowing the discovery of several water sources as well as metal deposits. The tool is widely used today and can be useful in your project. Also, think about recover rainwater by setting up a tank concrete or stone.

You can use it for a number of your needs such as cleaning, laundry and watering. By setting up a filtering system, you will even be able to consume rainwater.

Generate your own electricity

With the right equipment, it will be possible for you to be autonomous in terms of energy. If the house already existed, the solution par excellence would be to turn to solar panels as well as ecological feeding methods. This will not only allow you to be independent in electricity, but also to be able to benefit from hot water at home.

In the kitchen, consider equipping yourself with ecological appliances such as the solar oven. In winter, it is possible to heat with a pellet or wood stove.

Learn to grow a vegetable garden

Produce your own food is essential if you want to become self-sufficient. If you have a large garden, consider setting up a chicken coop and fruit trees. Don’t hesitate to grow the following fruits and vegetables:

  • Tomatoes,
  • The lettuce,
  • Squash,
  • Carrots,
  • Raspberries,
  • Strawberries, etc.

These are products that you will find easy to cultivate. In addition, if you wish, housing a few goats can also be a good idea.

Cultivate yourself well

You cannot embark on such a project without seeking to have as much information as possible about this way of life. There are specialist books and documentaries that will teach you enough about self-sufficient houses.

Do not hesitate to consult them. If you know people who have already succeeded, you must go and meet them in order to benefit from their experiences.

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