How to best protect your child from the sun?

Despite the many benefits of the sun, it is also very bad for the skin. He can be a very good ally, if we cohabit properly with him and for that it is up to us to protect ourselves well and even more to protect his child.

Avoid the sun at its hottest hours

Everyone knows that the sun is hottest between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m., so it’s best to avoid going to the beach between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. It is often time for a nap, if this is not the case take advantage of it to stay cool or play games in the shade. There is a little trick, to see if the sun is still too hot, if its shadow is smaller than it, then it is still not the time to expose yourself.

Sunscreen, still very effective

Sunscreen will always be a very effective product, not unique but effective. For children, use a 50+ index, which indicates that 50% of UVB rays are blocked. To be effective, you must apply sunscreen 10 minutes before exposure and reapply every two hours.

The T-shirt, to avoid direct contact

The t-shirt is good, but a UV filtering jersey is even better. Wearing a swimsuit does not mean not putting on cream, it is a complement. These swimsuits have the particularity of not keeping you hot, of being water resistant and of providing protection.

Sunglasses and hat are essential

Protect the skin yes, but also the sensitive parts such as the eyes and the head, to eliminate the risks of sunstroke. It is a difficult mission, but the child must keep his glasses on. In order for the protection to be effective, it is necessary to find glasses with indications such as: UV 400 or 100% UV protection.

Avoid the sun prefer the shade

There is no 0 risk in the shade, but UV is clearly reduced. It is still necessary to take care, but it is preferable that the child plays in shaded areas, this is not why it is necessary to eliminate all the other sun protection.

Drink and re-drink to hydrate

When the child comes to see you and tells you that he is thirsty, it is often already too late, so he must be reminded often to come and drink. Drinking will prevent sunstroke and dehydration, however make him drink water, not soda or other sugary drinks.

The cloud is no rest

You have to be wary of the weather, even if there is a small cloud, the sky is hazy or there is wind, it is not advisable to expose yourself. Clouds don’t stop UV rays, you can’t see them, but they are there.

The cream after a sunny day

Despite all the attention paid to protect his child, the sun has defeated and your child has a little sunburn. You have to moisturize your skin with a moisturizer, try a cool water bath. A good hydration is essential and the days which follow make it play in the shade exclusively.

Despite all these tips, the child is not immune to sunburn, but by following them the risks are still extremely reduced. Keeping track of them may seem like a long, drawn-out job, but your child’s health is at stake, so don’t neglect their efforts.

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