How to Best Use a Massage Gun?

The massage gun is an easy-to-use sports accessory for both a professional athlete and an ordinary person. But to use it to the best of its performance and depending on your activity, there are a few tips that you should know, once you have chosen your massage gun.

As part of a sports activity

If you have made sports some kind of profession for you, you necessarily have more requirements than an ordinary person. But by no means does that mean that you will have to put too much strain on the massage gun, its performance is adjustable to meet all types of needs.

For athletes, it is necessary to use a high-end pistol with a very strong power. Before your workout, use the gun over your clothes to wake up the muscles. Use a tip with a low pulse speed and not stay more than 30 seconds on the same area of ​​the muscle. After the session, to reduce the contractions and muscle knots that cause pain, use a slightly faster attachment for 90 to 120 seconds at the level of the abdominal belt and not on the joints.

During your activity, you can also use your gun within 15 or 30 seconds of your break to relieve an area that feels tense and tight from your exercises. This is particularly the case of the muscles of the chest which can atrophy due to stretching. You must then use the gun to excite the muscle and increase blood flow before resuming your exercises.

As part of a well-being moment, a relaxing massage

Relaxation moment self-massage rest

For Sunday sportspeople who just want to relax their muscles with the massage gun, you don’t have much to do. The basic massage guns will suit you whether it is for massages of the lumbar muscles of the back or for aches. Use not too fast bits, with reasonable power and frequency.

If you are sitting at the desk or in the car for too long, your muscles must be prone to muscle laziness. From time to time you can use the gun to reduce muscle tension and increase the heat in the tissues while refining your silhouette. You can also use the gun on 40 vibrations per second, as an addition to your slimming regime to burn fat. But remember: you should not work on the same muscle area for more than 90 seconds.

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