How to boost the income of your bar or café?

Do you run a bar or café and want to increase your income? Here are several ideas to discover. They have proven themselves. Try them out!

Organize parties and events

Attract new customers in large numbers for special events. The great classic of bars remains to broadcast sports matches. A Champions League night can fill your bar and men who love football are never the last to consume several beers!

But, these are not the only possible events. Music festival, bac results, Valentine’s Day, Saint-Patrick… All these days are ideal for bringing a little atmosphere, people and additional recipes to your establishment.

Offer a catering part

A bar or café offers essential drinks. From beer to coke to cappuccino, they must all be on your menu or customers will be disappointed.

However, bars often forget the catering part. However, who does not want a small board of cold cuts to share with friends over a drink?

Go even further by offering a catering service. On, you will find several kitchen equipment capable of boosting your income.

Grab a pizza oven and offer a take out pizza service. Buy a deep fryer and delight sports fans rediscovering the pleasure of the stadium with the beer and the tray. Also reach a more family audience with an ice cream maker and ice cream sales on summer afternoons. The choice is not lacking!

Consider discussing possible arrangements with the municipality. You could go directly to meet potential customers by putting ice cream parlor or an outdoor bar on your terrace.

Serve quality products

Not all customers are chasing savings. In fact, how many of them actually compare prices between establishments? Serve quality products with friendly staff and you can increase your margins.

Why not offer craft beers, organic tea, homemade fruit juice and pastries made by a pastry chef?

There is no doubt that your customers will be ready to put the extra part in if they are sure to have a good time with you.

Quality is also expressed in the furniture of your bar. Rather than uncomfortable stools, opt for comfortable seats that make you want to stay and have a second drink.

Do not skimp on the artisanal aspect which always appeals. Instead of preparing a fruit juice discreetly behind the bar, install a nice juicer and offer a different fresh juice every day.

Retain your regulars

Attracting new customers is a goal to strive for, but you also need to please your regulars. They are the ones who provide the largest share of your income.

You don’t need a loyalty card. Know their first names, exchange a few words with them and learn their habits. When they hear you suggest the drink they take each time, they’ll be happy to feel important to you.

Forge partnerships

Work in a network! This is true for your products and services. If you have neither the time nor the capacity to offer a catering section as we proposed just before, develop a partnership with a neighboring establishment. Simply plan to keep warm to serve food that is always so good.

Better yet, instead of buying your own pastry oven, buy wholesale from a local baker and sell to young people who are closing the bar and are hungry.

Do not hesitate to contact local clubs and associations. If they can organize parties in your bar or café from time to time, they will become regulars even outside of these events.

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