How to bring a Moroccan touch to your daily life?

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It is not possible to leave all the time and yet there are solutions for traveling from home. Imagine Morocco coming directly to you, with touches of decorations, your outfit or even through your food. It is possible to escape even for a few moments by bringing a Moroccan touch to your daily life.

Moroccan decoration, for daily travel

To incorporate Moroccan touches in its decoration, it is necessary to put sparkling colors, blue, green, turquoise color to recall the oceans near the coasts. As for gold and silver, they are reminiscent of the desert, to represent the sumptuous sunsets opted for orange and red.

With the integration of these shimmering colors, one must also think of the furniture, carved wooden furniture, goatskin poufs, oriental rugs and many cushions on the floor. Moroccan lamps taking the forms of pomegranate, iron, openwork with glass, so that the light reflects its patterns in your room.

The mosaic is also very present in Morocco with always beautiful colors and oriental patterns. For a kitchen or a bathroom, it’s a perfect touch, this mosaic is fine and often made of small squares, necessarily perfectly cut.

The Moroccan touch from head to toe

Woman in front of a Moroccan building wearing a bohemian dress and a leather bag

Now that you have an idea for your decoration, why not add a Moroccan touch directly to your outfit. The outfit itself can be classic, as you wish, but the Moroccan touch will mainly come through the accessories.

Take advantage of Moroccan craftsmanship, to find authentic woven or leather slippers, as well as Moroccan-style sandals, for example, a leather bag or colorful jewelry. You can also wear a gandoura which is a typical Moroccan outfit.

Moroccan cuisine, for satisfied taste buds

Typical Morocco market, colorful spices

What better way to travel than to taste typical dishes of the country. And for that it is not necessary to go to this country, you can make them from home with a little patience, practice and the right material.

For that, you will need a tagine, it is essential to make good Moroccan dishes, you will also need many spices (coriander, turmeric, saffron, ginger,…) and good typical recipes.

  • Chicken and lamb tagines with olives, prunes
  • Couscous with its semolina, meat and vegetables
  • From Mrouzia
  • Lamb méchouis
  • Tanjia Marrakchia
  • Harira which is a traditional soup
  • But also sweet flavors, such as chebakia, gazelle horns, ghribia

All this accompanied by the traditional mint tea, which can be enjoyed at any time of the day. You can eat with your fingers directly on the cushions that you will have placed on the floor and all this with conviviality and surrounded by your loved ones.

A stay in Morocco, to make the dream come true

Desert of Morocco and its warm brown sand

If all this is not enough, you can also choose to go directly to Morocco. Take your ticket and fly away for a total change of scenery. Go directly to taste typical and perfectly prepared dishes, share the conviviality and bring back authentic decoration.

Taking the opportunity to cross the country and see sublime landscapes, watch sunsets in the hot sand of the desert by going to the dunes of Erg Chebbiet enjoy the rough water of the ocean to go kitesurfing or boarding sailing.

Take the time to go to a hammam to relax and enjoy a good mint tea, then go to the night markets. Do not forget the sites that should not be missed such as Marrakech, Fès, Chefchaouen and its blue colors, The Drâa Valley, Maknès, Essaouira, Casablanca, the Dades Gorges, Tafraout and its Berber architecture, Ouarzazate and its decor of cinema and many sites all as unique as the other.

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