How to build your thighs in just a few months?

You want to have beautiful shapely legs to achieve a beautiful figure. Here’s how to build your thighs in just a few months. An ideal method to do a few months before the summer beaches!

Work the right muscles

Before embarking on exercises without understanding the basics of your anatomy, learn about the specific muscles of the lower limbs of your body.

It is a muscle located on the upper side of the thigh. It is one of the most powerful muscles in the human body. The quadriceps consists of four bundles namely the vast internal and external, rectus femoris and crural.

They are found on the inner side of the thigh. They consist of small muscles. We distinguish the small, the middle, the adductor large, the pectineum and the internal right.

These muscles are located on the back of the thigh. They consist of the semi-tendinous, semi-membranous and biceps crural muscles. These are very fragile muscles.

As you can understand, building thigh muscles involves strengthening all of these muscles. Fortunately, there are some perfect exercises to do this. It is important to work all of these muscles so that your thighs have a homogeneous appearance, but also (and above all) to avoid injuries.

Choose the right exercises

In order to build your thighs, it is important to work on the muscles mentioned above and for this you can practice various exercises depending on the muscles.

  • The sissy squat for quadriceps

It is a leg flexion exercise, a squatting movement. It consists of making lower limb flexions with a loaded bar placed behind the shoulders.

The Sissy Squat is one of the variations of the squat exercise. This is an isolation exercise that solicits the quadriceps. To do this, you must stand next to a solid support (bench or squat cage).

  • The leg curl to work the ischios

The leg curl is an exercise consisting of lifting a load by flexing the leg by the action of the hamstrings.

Like the squat, this exercise comes in several variations: the sitting leg curl, the standing leg curl and the lying leg curl. The standing leg curl isolates the hamstrings and reinforces the curve of the back of the thigh.

To do this exercise, you have to grip the handles or upper supports of an ischial machine because yes, you need equipment to do it.

Moreover, working all the thighs with only cast iron and without a machine remains more complicated than the upper body.

It is still called the spread legs squat. It is a bodybuilding exercise allowing to strengthen the inner thighs. It uses all the adductor muscles of the hip.

This sport activity takes up all the basic techniques of the squat. It is advisable to do this with light loads at first.

Have a healthy lifestyle

In order to be sure of having good results after a few months, it is also necessary to associate with the practice of sporting activity a regular training and an adapted nutrition.

By choosing the right diet, you will be able to get shapely thighs, especially because you will reduce your fat level.

If you think you can’t do it on your own, sign up for a muscle strengthening program with a coach who will be able to guide you for sports sessions, but also for daily monitoring.

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