How to Call on a Surrogate Mother to Become Parents?

Using a surrogate mother allows couples who are unable to become biologically parents, to have children; however, this practice is not permitted in all countries. So, to use a surrogate mother, there is a way to go. Find out here how to get in touch with a surrogate mother and finally be able to become a parent.

Please note, surrogate mothers are prohibited in France

French laws categorically prohibit the use of surrogate mothers to have a child. Whether they are infertile couples or homosexuals, this practice is not allowed.

This ban is based on medical, philosophical and ethical reasons. Since 1994, article 16-7 of the Civil Code provides that “Any agreement relating to gestation on behalf of others is void”. It is not a solution which is in good morals, it is this inconsistency which pushed the French State to prohibit this practice.

Because of this ban, to call on a surrogate mother, some French couples travel to countries where surrogacy (surrogacy) is allowed. Because it is completely legal to become a parent by surrogacy through a country allowing it.

Which countries allow surrogacy?

In Europe, in some countries like Greece, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Ukraine and Russia, surrogacy is allowed. Thus, any couple who are looking for a surrogate mother can go to these countries, for the chance to become a parent.

In Greece, surrogacy has been legalized since 2002, in the United Kingdom it was legalized in 2004. Subsequently, the practice has grown significantly. Thus, in these countries, surrogate mothers are well paid.

In addition, in the United States, surrogacy is legalized in some states and prohibited in others. It is authorized in ten states. In California, the law allows a child to have sponsor parents. In Canada, surrogacy is prohibited for a fee. However, the situation is not the same in all provinces. It varies according to the gestation contracts and the affiliation.

Who can use a surrogate mother?

Women who are born without a uterus can use a surrogate mother to become parents. Also, women who have had an operation for uterine cancer also have this possibility.

In addition, infertile women and women with genital complications can also use surrogacy.

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