How to calm a dog who barks because he is afraid?

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The dog is an animal known for its protective and affectionate nature. However, in some cases, he may be frightened by a noise, a person or an object. This fear often results in barking and when this happens, you have to be tactful to calm it down.

Your dog often starts barking when he’s scared and you don’t know how to calm him down. So just follow these little tips!

Keep your dog busy

When your dog is scared and starts barking, avoid yelling or trying to pet him at all costs. The first thing to do is to try to occupy him by playing with him or make him do an activity that he loves. This will allow him to forget the object of his fear, to calm down and thus to concentrate on his new activity.

Give it your attention

To calm your dog who is barking because someone or something is scaring him, you need to give him your attention, show that you care. You can, for example, have him sit near you. Talking to him to reassure him can also be effective in stopping barking and being afraid.

Decondition the dog

If what scares your dog is noise, then try to get him used to the noise. To do this, when he is afraid, subject him to an activity that he enjoys and then try to reproduce the same noise, but at a low amplitude. Then increase the noise so that he can hear it and distinguish it well. But you will have to stop as soon as you feel that he wants to bark. You should repeat this exercise frequently.

Some masters prefer to use the accessories of to achieve this.

If the object of his fear is a person or an object, you can do the same until your dog gets used to it without of course forcing him to approach it. He will eventually do it himself.

Find him a hiding place

Is your dog barking because he is afraid? Be careful, he might just stop barking and run away. This is the reason why we will have to find him a place in which he can find refuge. This will allow him to move away from the object of his fear and naturally he will stop barking because he will feel safe from that moment on.

Using Bach flowers

Some people, to calm their dog often use coercive methods such as bark collars. But these procedures are quite violent and a dog who barks because he is afraid rather needs to be reassured and not to be tormented. Quality dog ​​advice therefore recommends avoiding them.

There are some very effective drugs, but your best bet would be to use a natural method. Bach flowers for animals are very effective. Thanks to their properties, they will be able to soothe and calm your animal. He will thus regain his serenity. You just need to spray a little Bach flower oil in your bowl from time to time and you’re done.

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