How to change a headlight bulb in 5 minutes?

Licwshi 450 Lumens 24 LED Solar Light with Aluminum Alloy Shell, Outdoor Waterproof, Radar-Motion Detection, Applying to Porch, Garden, Yard, Garage (2 Pack)

【Aluminum alloy shell】 Light weight, but strong and durable (10 years service life) with high quality, corrosion resistance, effectively avoid the damage of the solar lamp under all kinds of weather conditions 【Radar -Motion sensor】 more precise and sensitive with 360 degree motion detection and 5 to 10 meters crossing an obstacle, the height or angle limit ultra Ultra-high brightness LED solar lamp】 Licwshi SL02 with 24 bright LEDs , 450lm means each solar light can light up about 30 square meters dark space with excellent enough bright lighting, no need to worry about dark outdoor activities 【1500 lithium iron phosphate battery mAh】 Strong energy , monocrystalline silicon solar cell with characteristics of faster light absorption, larger area and energy conversion rate up to 17%, only 6 hours of charging provides 12 h Continuous lighting during the night, the more ecological solar power mode to save your electricity costs 【Quick and easy installation】 assembly only takes a few minutes (see the installation diagram), the Licwshi solar lamp apply to hallway, garden, swimming pool, patio, yard, roadway, stairs, facades, etc, materials resistant to high temperature and sheltering from wind, rain, it is not necessary to worry about the damage in outdoors, the best choice to say goodbye to the dark courtyard

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