How to Change SFR Wifi Password?

Changing the wifi password of your SFR box is a relatively simple task. You just need to access the configuration interface of your box to modify the wifi settings in a few steps.

However, you will need to know your current WiFi security key in order to be able to customize it.

We explain the procedure to change your SFR wifi password from your smartphone or your computer.

Start by finding your current wifi password

To change your SFR wifi password you need to know your current password. If you have never had to customize this parameter of your SFR box, all you have to do is refer to the default security key for your equipment.

As with most devices, SFR modems have a default user name and password configured by the manufacturer. These are the identifiers that you use to connect to your SFR wifi modem for the first time.

They are relatively easy to find. Since you just have to look, either on the small user sheet supplied with the box, or on the back or under the box with the title “security key”.

Steps to change your SFR wifi password

As soon as you have your default SFR wifi password, you can easily connect to the network administration interface to customize it. This is a fairly simple operation that you can do from any web browser on your smartphone or computer. Here are the steps you will need to follow.

  • Start by connecting your smartphone or computer to your SFR box network.
  • Go to the administration interface of the box by entering in your web browser the following address
  • Returning to the administration interface, you must select the Configure your modem section.
  • Your user credentials will be required. Simply enter the default username and password found on the back of your SFR modem.
  • Once identified, locate and click on the Wifi tab.
  • Continue by clicking selecting the Security option section, then Shared key
  • In the box that appears, you can enter your new SFR wifi password and validate it by clicking on Apply.
  • Your new password has been set successfully. You can now use it to reconnect your various devices to your SFR box network and access the internet. Also remember to memorize it, or even write it down somewhere so as not to lose it.
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