How to change the LED bulbs in your car?

A large number of modern cars incorporate LED bulbs as they are accessories that enhance the appearance of your car and increase driving safety. The advantages of this type of bulb are manifested by a powerful lighting in white light, more pleasing to the eye and offering a wider field of vision. LED bulbs are also available in a wide range of colors.

Which LED bulb should I choose for my car?

Modern cars often incorporate technology that is compatible with LED bulbs into their design. In these cases, it is important to know if the car is equipped with CanBus and Check Control technology (built into a significant percentage of cars manufactured since 2005), which detects if a bulb has burned out. The consumption of an LED bulb is generally very low and the computer interprets this low consumption as a burnt out bulb, so it lights up a warning light on the dashboard. To avoid this fault, CanBus LED bulbs are used, which send a specific signal to the computer indicating their operation. Cars manufactured before 2005, which provided for the installation of LEDs, can use any LED bulb. For older cars, however, one must purchase a mounting kit that will allow the installation of LED headlights.

How to install LED headlights on a car?

If your car is older, the assembly kit will require disassembling the headlight assembly and adapting the electrical system. The installation is simple, each headlight will take about an hour, you just need to patiently disassemble and check that the new bulb can fit into the internal structure of the headlight. If this new bulb cannot be inserted easily, it is recommended to give up complex modifications or adaptations, it is better to buy a special LED headlight. The LED bulb sets have an electric dimmer which makes it possible to match the car’s electrical system with the needs of the bulb. Just install the connectors of the LED bulbs and everything will work just fine. In modern cars, installing LED bulbs is easier, you don’t need to use mounting kits, just buy CanBus or Non CanBus LED bulbs, depending on the technology of your vehicle .

What are the standards for LED bulbs?

Changing halogen bulbs for LED bulbs is a wise decision, however, it is not such a simple procedure, your car will have to pass up to three different homologations and you will have to face expenses close to 300 euros. Only vehicles with factory fitted LED headlights will not need approvals and certifications. In other words, the headlights that leave the factory in your car are approved to work with a specific bulb. If you make any changes, you will need to have your vehicle approved. Otherwise, you are driving illegally and you risk fines and suspension of your driver’s license.

What are the advantages of switching to LED bulbs?

  • Better lighting : The field of vision offered by the LED headlights is wider, drivers will be able to see obstacles on the road more easily, distinguish bicycles, pedestrians and pets on poorly lit roads.
  • More durability : an LED bulb offers more than 10,000 hours of operation. In other words, an LED bulb can offer a lifespan ten times that of a halogen bulb.
  • Better appearance : white light is more elegant and distinctive. LED bulbs provide a superior feeling of cleanliness, the entire environment can be enjoyed with pleasant white light. In addition, this white light is less tiring for the eyesight, people will have less risk of drowsiness while driving.
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