How to change the SPI seals on a motorcycle fork?

You need to change the SPI seal on a fork on your motorcycle, but you don’t know how to go about it. Once you have verified that you have all the necessary equipment, you can follow the different steps to make the change.

What materials to change the SPI seals?

Before embarking on disassembling and changing the SPI seals on a fork on your motorcycle, you should check that you have all the necessary tools. To change these parts you will need:

  • New SPI seal
  • Dust covers to ensure waterproofing
  • Different wrenches: a 17 wrench, a 22 open-end wrench, a 10 T-wrench, a special wrench
  • A flat screwdriver
  • Copper grease
  • Fork oil
  • A hammer has spinnaker seal
  • Electrician’s tape
  • A measuring cup
  • A bin for emptying

The steps to follow to change the SPI seals on your motorcycle

Once you have gathered everything you need to do your DIY, you can follow the different steps to change the SPI seal.

Disassemble to access the fork and drain the oil

Before changing the gaskets, you must be able to access them and for that, you have to dismantle some elements. You have to remove the front wheel and then remove the first tube that is on the fork. Then you need to remove the fork protection, loosen the cap and proceed with the drain.

Remove the cartridge and drain

Take the 17 spanner and loosen the lower nut, then lock the fork and loosen the cap with 2 open-end wrenches. In order to bring out the cartridge, press the fork from the top, do not forget to hold it with the specific key. To release the nut and the locknut, then free the fork, take a spanner and a spanner 17. Drain the cartridge above the tank provided for this purpose.

Remove the SPI seal from the fork

For this step, you must remove the clip that holds the seal using a screwdriver and the dust cover. You can also remove the different rings to clean them and pay attention to their condition to see the wear.

Fitting the new fork SPI seal

For this step, you can use a specific cone, to put the joints without damaging them, if you do not have this cone, you can protect the different parts with electrician’s tape. All you have to do is put back the grease-coated seal and the ring. To put on the SPI seal, you will need the seal hammer. All that remains is to replace the cartridge and the nuts.

It’s time to finish

The fork oil must be changed in accordance with the dose indicated in your technical manual. Replace the parts you removed to access the fork. Do the same procedures for the second fork and put the front wheel back on, tightening all of it with the torque wrench.

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