How To Change The Top Heating Element Of Your Oven?

The heating element in your oven which is actually the resistance seems to no longer work properly. On your side, you prefer to repair it, rather than buy an oven, but you want to do it yourself so that it is more financially reasonable and profitable. By ensuring the malfunction and following a few steps, this change is accessible to everyone.

When do you know whether to change the resistance in an oven?

The upper resistance of your oven, which is the element that allows you to heat your food, mainly with the grill function. If this is faulty, your oven will not be able to function properly, and you may notice this if:

  • When you select the grill mode, nothing happens in your oven
  • This function does not work properly
  • No matter what function you have chosen, no gratin effect is on your dishes

Once you have identified the fault, you will have to buy a new part before proceeding with the change. By going through FixPart, you are sure to find the heating element that will match the model and brand of your oven.

5 steps to change the upper resistance of the oven

Now that you have found the spare part, you just have to follow these different steps to change it. Before starting, don’t forget to unplug your oven and to do this cut off the electrical supply to the electrical panel, to disconnect it safely.

Step 1: Remove the panel on the back of the oven

Once you have unplugged everything and removed the oven with the help of a second person, you can start by disassembling the metal plate on the back of the oven. For this, you will have to remove a few screws and for some models, you will also have to remove a terminal block in which there are wires, you will also have to undo it to remove the additional plate.

Step 2: Find the resistor connections

With the metal plate less, you can more easily find the electrical connections of the resistance. You will therefore have to locate once, memorize their direction of connection to put them back as necessary on the replacement part.

Step 3: Disconnect and dismantle the resistor

Once your benchmarks are done, you will have to disconnect them and remove the old resistance. To remove it you will have to remove some screws or nuts.

There may be the thermostat probe which is also attached to the upper resistance, so it will have to be removed as well. Finally, go through the front door of the oven to remove everything.

Step 4: Attach and connect the new resistor

Just position the new resistance where the old one was and go back to the back of the oven to replace the screws. Now is the time to work on your memory and redo the electrical connections as at the start.

Step 5: Replace the back panel and test

It’s time to close everything, put the back plate back as originally with the terminal block if necessary. Reposition your oven and redo the electrical connections, while cutting off the electrical supply and reactivate everything to test your oven.

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