How to change the wifi password of a Gopro?

You are using a GoPro camera equipped with a wifi connection system. For better security of your data and more optimal use of your connection, you will benefit from securing your device’s wifi. To do this, you just need to change the password (initial or not). How to do it ? This is the question to which we provide some answers in this article.

Techniques to reset wifi password

To reset the wifi password of your GoPro, the technique is simple. The user will only need to browse the main menu of the camera. After identifying the “parameters” command, simply select successively the commands, “RESET CAM” then “RESET WIFI”. The wifi password will be automatically reset. This is valid for the GoPro 4.

If in addition, you have the GoPro 3 model (the 3+ or other models), here are the steps to follow for this wifi password reset.

Prepare the driver download

Here it is necessary to connect the GoPro camera with an SD card to a computer. This digital device must also have a wifi source that you can access.

Check driver compatibility before downloading

For each model of GoPro3, the driver to use differs. This is why the compatibility check is an important prerequisite. Once it’s done, you can start downloading it.

Copy the contents of the downloaded file

Before you can do this, you must first unzip the driver you downloaded. You just have to copy the contents of the “driver” folder and paste it on the SD card of the GoPro camera. You will have to choose the root of the SD card as the location.

For the Hero 3+ version, it is in the Root folder of the GoPro that you will have to copy and paste the “UPDATE” folder without renaming the files. On the other hand, for the Hero 3 version, these are the files that you must copy to the root of the SD card and not the folder.

Complete the reset

After copying the files, disconnect your GoPro from the computer. You will notice that it will turn off on its own. As soon as you turn it back on, you will see a progress of the update which will be done automatically. At the end, the device will turn off again. You will turn it back on.

To connect to the camera’s wifi network, you will need to use the following default values: SSID: GoProHero and MDP: goprohero. It is only after that that you will be able to change this data from the app on your digital smartphone device.

How to update the GoPro wifi password?

For a first use of the GoPro camera with a mobile application, you must use the default password which is: “goprohero”. You can then proceed to modify this password. However, if you are not on your first connection, updating your GoPro’s wifi name and password is required. To get started, log into the GoPro website.

Once logged in, you just need to follow the server’s instructions. For the Hero 3 model for example, it is on the command: “Start updating” that you have to click for the update. If, on the other hand, you have the Hero 3+ version of the GoPro, the command available to you is: “Update your camera manually”. But, to access it, you must first click on: “More ways to update”.

After starting the update, the server will ask you to enter the registration information and your serial number. As soon as you fill in this data, click on the “Next Step” command.

A new page will appear with fields to enter the new camera names and password. Also take care to check the “Wi-Fi Update Only” box. It will be materialized by a blue bell. Therefore, just follow the rest of the prompts to continue updating until the end.

Why GoPro and not another brand of sports camera?

Want to make up your mind to embrace the GoPro technological revolution? The brand offers you several. The camera is designed to live up to its commercial slogan: “Be a hero”. The camera sets off to discover the action and remains favorable to the most specific filming conditions.

The GoPro far exceeds other sports cameras available on the market since it has an irreproachable image quality and a small size. When using it to film activities under the sea, the result is almost perfect. It is also easy to wear thanks to its hooks. You can put it on the chest, on a bag, on a helmet or anywhere else. It will remain light and discreet. Its operation is also very easy to use by users.

These are some of the reasons that make the GoPro the top choice of this century for a sports camera.

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