How to Change the Wifi Password on an Orange Livebox?

Changing the wifi password of your Orange internet box is above all a question of security and should be able to be done without difficulty.

Everything happens from the administration interface which gives access to the parameters of the wifi key. The approach is almost similar for most Orange equipment. But some specificities may exist depending on the offer or the model of your Livebox.

Why change the password of your Orange wifi box?

You can do this with a view to optimizing the security of your network. Opting for a more powerful password can indeed prevent intrusions into your network and the hacking of your personal data.

Changing your wifi password can also be a matter of convenience. The goal is to opt for a new password that is easier to remember. The wifi keys generally defined by the operators can indeed be long and complex.

Steps to change your Orange Wifi password

The procedure for changing the wifi password is more or less the same for most Orange modems. However, some specificities may exist in the steps, depending on the model of Livebox you have. Below is the procedure to change the wifi password on Livebox Play and Livebox 5.

Change the Orange wifi password on the Livebox Play

  • Make sure your computer is well connected to your Livebox network by wifi or Ethernet cable (preferably)
  • Go to or from your computer’s web browser
  • Connect to the administration interface using the default security key (you will find it behind or under the modem case)
  • Then select the My wifi tab, then Advanced Wifi in the menu on the left of your interface to access the security key settings
  • In the Security key section, click on Modify and enter your new Orange wifi password
  • Validate the new security key by clicking on Save.

Change your Orange wifi password on the Livebox 5

  • Make sure your computer is connected to your Livebox 5 network
  • Access the administration interface from the address or
  • Enter the default security key (see the back of your Livebox).
  • Then select the Wifi menu at the top of your interface and select the name of your wifi network.
  • Enter your new Orange wifi password.
  • Finally, click on Save to validate the new security key.
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