How to Change Wifi Free Password?

Do you want to change your Wifi Free password and don’t know how? Do not worry !

Whether it is in order to strengthen the security of your network or to personalize it by opting for a Wifi key that is easier for you to remember, changing your Wifi free password is a fairly simple task to accomplish.

Why change your Wifi Free password?

You can change your Wifi security key to better secure your network against intrusions and hacking. You will then opt for a password that is more relatively complex to decipher. That said, you can also customize your Wifi key in order to switch to a simpler password that you won’t easily forget.

Start by finding your current Wifi Free password

You need to know your current password in order to be able to change your Wifi free password. If you are connecting to the Freebox for the first time, or have never had to modify it before, refer to the default Wifi security key. All Free equipment is provided.

You can find your default free password either by looking at the back of your Freebox modem or in the booklet supplied with your equipment. Or by logging into your Free customer area from your smartphone or computer. Here’s how to do it in minutes:

  • Use your free credentials to connect to your customer area.
  • Then click on My Freebox and the Configure my WiFi network tab.
  • Choose the New Wifi configuration tab, then Wifi network security
  • In the Wifi key box, you will be able to view your default password.

Steps to change your Wifi Free password

Once you’ve found your default password, you can customize or change it. Here is the procedure you will need to follow to change your Wifi Free password, regardless of the model.

  • Log in to your Free customer area using your account credentials
  • Then, select the My Freebox section and its sub-sections: Configure my WiFi network, Configure the new WiFi, then WiFi network security.
  • In the Wifi key box, delete the default password and replace it with the new password of your choice.
  • Confirm the new password by entering it again and click Save.
  • Restart your Freebox and connect your devices to the network using your new Wifi free password.
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