How to charge the air conditioning in your car?

There comes a point in the life of your car when the once extraordinary air conditioning starts blowing a little warmer air than before. When this happens, the next step is to recharge your air conditioning by adding refrigerant to its system. Although most people think this operation is difficult, in reality it is not. This is true as long as you follow the right approach and know when to recharge it.

What are the steps to recharge the air conditioning in your car?

Here’s a step-by-step approach on how you can charge your car’s air conditioning.

Step 1 : Start your car and turn the air conditioning to maximum or highest value.

2nd step : Confirm that your A / C compressor engages by looking at the clutch at the end of the compressor. The clutch must turn, as well as the accessory belt which turns the refrigerant from liquid to gas. Check that it clicks into place. If so, it is not necessary to add refrigerant.

Step 3 : Locate the pressure port. Before proceeding with this step, turn off the vehicle and check the passenger side of the engine compartment. The orifice is usually marked with the letter L, which is black or gray in color.

Step 4 : Connect the charging hose from the kit to the port. To do this, simply place a quick connector (normally supplied with the charging hose) over the port and push it in firmly until it clicks into place. During this operation, be careful not to pull the trigger, as this will release the refrigerant from the air conditioning system into the air.

Step 5 : Restart the vehicle and monitor the gauge until the low side pressure is as close to 40 psi as possible.

Step 6 : You must then thread the refrigerant container into the charging pipe to allow you to slowly fill the air conditioning system while you undo the installation. Also be sure to check the pressure gauge after releasing the trigger.

Step 7 : The final step is to turn on your car, run the air conditioning, and check if the cooling is much better.

When to recharge a car’s air conditioning?

The best sign of whether you need to recharge a car’s air conditioning is when it starts to cool less than before. If you let this phenomenon continue for a while, it will eventually stop working. Therefore, inspect it as soon as you start to notice it.

Why is it important to maintain the air conditioning in your car?

Maintaining your car’s air conditioning system is important because of the possibility of bacteria growing and infecting your air.

Also, the ultimate reason you need to service the air conditioning system is that it could eventually lead to mechanical issues, like a failing compressor, which could be more costly than the routine maintenance itself.

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