How to choose a baptismal gift?

If one day you are invited to a baptism, the thorny question of the gift will arise at all costs. You will be brought to satisfy the baby while making his parents happy. Several gift formulas exist for this purpose. But we have selected a few baptism gift ideas which will enhance the event. Now we will see them in detail.

A gift box for baptism

There are a multitude of boxes that are considered to be the perfect baptismal gifts. We have listed three types of symbolic gifts that should be noted:

  • Jewelry boxes : here is a classic gift that guarantees the storage of baby’s first jewelry.
  • Milk tooth box : it is a box that several households use for their babies.
  • Music Box : that’s all it takes for a baby to be entertained. Parents love it for the happiness of their children.

Jewelry as a gift for baptism

Usually, baptism jewelry is a special gift that is given by the godmother or godfather of the newly baptized. The most fashionable classic products are among others: the curb chain, the chain and the medal. These jewels can have a religious or secular connotation. So you can personalize baptism jewelry by printing either the child’s name or the date of baptism.

Besides the classic baptism jewelry, there are many other gadgets that can please the parents of the child. We can cite: bracelet, amber necklace, earrings …

Goldsmith as a gift for baptism

Among the traditional gift ideas that are offered for baptism, there is indeed goldsmith’s work. You will find silver plated and many other silver objects. Here are a few gifts:

  • Cutlery
  • The goblet or the timpani
  • The spoon or the egg cup
  • The napkin ring.

Give money as a christening gift

If you do not have enough time to buy a gift for the baptism, it is not excluded from to give money as a gift. Either way, the kid’s parents can use that money to buy symbolic gifts.

Much more, the money offered can be used to purchase baby equipment. Why not buy, for example, a piggy bank to cash in the baby’s first savings. It could be a great baptism memory that will accompany her until her teenage years.

Offer the clothes as a christening gift

Clothing can be a very useful gift to favor during baptism. We have selected a list of clothes that might interest you in this case:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Bib
  • Bathrobe
  • Blanket
  • Layette piece.

In the end, parents should thank the guests for the quality of their baptismal gifts after the celebration of this event. It is not an obligation, but it is a mark of recognition in place of the baptized child.

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