How to Choose a Hole Saw for a Beginner Handyman?

Professional or beginner handyman, the hole saw is one of the essentials to complete your toolbox. It comes in several variations and is ideal for a multitude of tasks involving cutting and drilling circular holes.

Discover our top 3 of the best hole saw sets, as well as our tips for choosing them according to your needs.

How to choose my tool?

To choose the right hole saw for you, you should consider your needs and the following criteria:

  • The diameter: fixed or adjustable, must be adapted to the size of the holes to be drilled
  • The quality of the blade: strong enough to drill through the desired material.
  • The appropriate blade style: trephine (for hard materials) or bell (for less rigid materials).

When do i need a hole saw?

Hole saws cover a multitude of professional and DIY applications. You will need it during electrical installation work, carpentry and many other DIY tasks. You will use it to easily and precisely make holes in wood, drywall, metals and steel, or plastic in particular.

Top 3 hole saws as a beginner

With these different criteria, we have chosen 3 hole saws for you, each with their own particularity. 3 different brands for different budgets.

Bosch Professional 2608594193 14-Piece Progressor for Wood & Metal Universal Hole Saw Set

The set offers you 11 models of robust cobalt alloy hole saws of varying sizes. Their cutting depth is 44 mm.

They come with 2 precise HSS-G centering drills, as well as a Power-Change Plus adapter for changing saws in one click.

They are compatible with all models of corded and cordless drills.

Makita D-47307 16 Piece Hole Saw Set

This Makita brand D-47307 set includes a set of 16 hole saws. Variable in size, the largest has a diameter of 76 cm. They come with a hex wrench and an adapter with centering bit and are compatible with virtually all brands of drill / driver. All arrive in a practical case for transport and storage.

Bi-metal Hole Saw, HYCHIKA 17 PCS Hole Saw Set

Purchasing the kit provides you with an assortment of 17 saws, including 13 hole saw blades, 2 chucks and 2 drills, complete with a hex key and installation plate.

They are made of carbon alloy, with a cutting depth of 25mm and have high speed steel teeth for precision work. The set comes in a sturdy and practical box for storage.

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