How to Choose a Kid Quad?

You want to buy a quad for your child but do not know how or on what criteria to base your choice? Do not worry.

Note that the age of your child remains the number one criterion in choosing the ideal quad model. But other relevant characteristics are also to be considered. In particular the type of engine, the displacement and the safety features which contribute to making the machine safer for the young pilot.

Here are some practical tips to help you choose the right quad for your child.

Depending on the age of your child

The ideal quad to choose is above all one that respects the age of your child. Indeed, depending on the age, the technical characteristics (power, speed, size and ergonomics) of the mountain bike to buy will not be the same.

Choosing a quad adapted to the age of your child is therefore making sure to opt for a model that is designed to meet their needs. A quad adapted to his physical capacities and psychological development that he can drive without difficulty.

To make things easier for you, the brands group their different models of child quad bikes according to age groups.

Electric or thermal?

Once the age criteria have been resolved, you will then need to think about the ideal type of feeding for your child’s quad bike. You have the choice between two main models of child quad: electric quads and thermal quads. Of course, each type has its advantages and constraints.

Equipped with a battery and an electric motor, the electric quad has the advantage of being quieter and non-polluting. If you are sensitive to noise and environmental conservation, opting for an electric quad is the ideal solution for your young child. However, a major constraint with this type of device lies in its limited autonomy and the relatively long recharging time.

As for the thermal quad, its engine runs on gasoline or diesel and offers greater autonomy. In general, thermal quads are more powerful than electric models. They not only allow you to drive longer but also faster. This is why this model is better recommended for older children.

Which displacement to choose for a child quad?

Little girl on a kid quad wearing a helmet

The engine displacement largely determines the power and speed of the child quad. The choice will depend mainly on your child’s age, size and physical condition. In general, there are 3 main designs on the market:

  • The 50 cc pocket quad with 2-stroke thermal engine, (approximately 500-800W for electric models) suitable for children between 3 and 6 years old.
  • The 110 cc children’s quads with 4-stroke engine are more powerful and sophisticated than the 50 cc pocket quads. They are reserved for children between 6 and 12 years old
  • The children’s quads with 125 cc displacement, which are the most powerful models intended for children over 13 years old with a good riding experience.

A quad with a remote stop system

The safety of your child remains a significant criterion in choosing the ideal quad for your child. Check that the chosen model has the essential safety features such as a circuit breaker or remote engine shutdown …

This is an assistance feature that allows you to stop the operation of the quad remotely in the event of a fall or an accident, using a remote control for example.

A quad with an integrated speed limiter

The speed limiter is also part of the register of safety features. Integrated into most quads for children, it allows you to adjust the speed of the machine according to the situations for better control. It also allows you to set the threshold at a level that allows your child to ride safely and with confidence.

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