How to Choose a Mountain Garden Greenhouse?

Like any gardening accessory, the mountain garden greenhouse is available in several models. It is often essential with a changing climate, which can sometimes be very cool, or very sunny.

However, due to the variety of greenhouse models available, making a choice can become a more or less complex equation to solve. These criteria will simplify your task. Check them out here.

What material for a garden greenhouse at altitude?

Large greenhouse containing vegetable garden

For a wise purchase of a mountain garden greenhouse, the material of manufacture is the first element on which you should pay your attention.

The frame of the garden greenhouse

Most garden greenhouses have an aluminum frame. This material is light, resistant and stainless. It thus offers easy installation and optimum resistance. Some garden greenhouses have a galvanized steel structure. In addition to being resistant, this material does not require any maintenance.

There are also wooden garden greenhouses. Although it guarantees good thermal insulation, wood can quickly be affected by humidity and heat.

The wall of such equipment

As for the wall of a garden greenhouse, it can be made of tempered glass or polycarbonate. Robust, tempered glass guarantees better brightness for plants and protects them against ultraviolet (UV) rays. However, it is heavy and expensive.

Also offering significant thermal insulation and UV protection, polycarbonate is lighter and less expensive. However, it should be replaced every five to ten years, depending on its quality. You can find the right garden greenhouse and many garden accessories on the Gamm Vert website.

What is the ideal size for a greenhouse?

The second determining factor in choosing a mountain garden greenhouse is size! First of all, the dimensions of your future greenhouse must correspond to the space available in your garden, You can click here to see several greenhouse offers of different sizes.

The ideal size of your greenhouse will also depend on how you plan to use it. If you just want to overwinter your crops, a greenhouse of around four square meters is suitable.

If, on the other hand, you want to do full-time gardening, you will need a more spacious greenhouse. In this case, the correct size is one that covers at least 10% of the area of ​​your vegetable garden.

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