How to Choose a New POS System for Your Restaurant?

The investment and monthly expense of owning a restaurant is usually large and can result in tight profit margins. As a result, many restaurateurs do not travel to purchase a proper restaurant point of sale system. The cash register works great, doesn’t it?

It may not work. Deploying and investing in smart and efficient restaurant cashier software can do more for a restaurant than appearing “technically savvy”.

There are so many options today for a point-of-sale cash register, how do you choose the right one for your restaurant?

Here is a list of the most important features that you should never compromise on when choosing new restaurant cashier software for your restaurant.

1. Reporting system

Make sure your restaurant cashier software has solid reports to help you run your restaurant better, because you don’t have to spend your time adding great information into your point of sale every time you make a transaction and not being able to retrieve this information

The most common restaurant reports include top selling items, items you could potentially remove from the menu, job reports, and more. The reporting system should allow you to run reports wherever you are, so having robust reporting is the key to the success of your restaurant and point of sale system.

2. Customer database

Whether you are opening a restaurant or upgrading your technology, it is wiser to invest in a point of sale cash register that uses rich customer information management software. You can follow the role models and even reach out to the old faces that haven’t been to your restaurant in a while.

Having an easy-to-manage customer database is ideal, and adding emails, phone numbers, and birthdays to it is always an invaluable asset to your marketing efforts.

3. Support

You need support that will get back to you quickly and resolve all of your questions with minimal downtime especially when you have a queue of customers at the door and a pile of servers waiting to use the registry. When looking for the right cash register for your point of sale, be sure to read the support quality reviews.

4. Inventory

A good cash register system keeps track of restaurant inventory, so you’ll know exactly when it’s time to reorder food. Your point of sale solution should be able to easily manage inventory from anywhere, track items in stock, use revenue costing tools, and more.

5. Integration of gift cards

Built-in gift cards are a simple and effective way to increase sales, as gift card users tend to spend up to 50% more than others.

If you use this function in your cash register, the number of cards will be recorded and will not affect your statistics or sales reports. Running a gift card program away from your point of sale can make it more difficult to track your funds or measure the effectiveness of your program.

6. Integration of the loyalty program.

With a loyalty program that’s easy to set up, set up and forget, you can easily attract repeat customers. As with gift cards, it’s easier to measure the effectiveness of loyalty at the point of sale rather than through an external program.

7. Credit card processing

Credit card processing is more important than ever for restaurants. So check with companies to find out their policy. If credit card processing is done through the point-of-sale cash register, it can often lead to lower rates.

8. Robust material

The equipment in your restaurant will be handled by many people, and most of the time their hands will be covered in food. You want hardware that is up to the task, so you don’t have to replace it every two years.

9. Customized menu functions

You need a system designed especially for you and the needs of your restaurant. The new point of sale cash registers have an intuitive interface that can be designed especially for your restaurant. The more unique your menu, the more customizable it should be.

Your cash register will be your lifeline in helping you grow your business and you want a business that you feel comfortable with and can depend on. Finding the right modern point of sale cash register can be a difficult process, but very rewarding when you find the right one. In return, a quality system will give you peace of mind and allow you to relax while spending more time with your friends and family.

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