How to choose a pizza oven: 5 essential criteria!

That’s it: summer is here and you dream of organizing evenings with friends in your garden. And what could be better than bringing your loved ones together around delicious pizzas? Quick to make and to cook, they will delight the taste buds of your guests, from the youngest to the oldest. So how do you select the best pizza oven? Find in this article all our advice to make the best choice.

The type of oven

Pizza ovens work in different ways: there are wood-fired, charcoal, gas or electric models. On the flavor side, the wood fire brings the authentic smoky taste of traditional Italian pizza. However, it involves increased monitoring and maintenance of the flames.
Gas ovens heat up very quickly and do not require special supervision during cooking. Compact, portable electric ovens have the advantage of being compact and lightweight. You can easily take them with you on vacation or with friends for example. They are loved by great beginners in the kitchen, despite the longer heating time required.

The budget

Buying a pizza oven is a relatively large investment and for good reason: making a good pizza is practically an art and deserves good quality equipment. You might as well use your traditional oven otherwise! To feel the difference and get delicious pizzas, it remains essential to turn to high-performance models such as the AllForFood pizza oven. There are many pizza ovens on the market, at prices ranging from a few tens of euros to several thousand euros. Do not be tempted by a first price model: you will inevitably be disappointed.

The size and number of rooms

The capacity of your oven is one of the key criteria when it comes to choosing a pizza oven. Will you have enough room in your garden to protect the oven from the elements? Can you easily store your oven if you live in an apartment? Some ovens also allow you to cook several pizzas at the same time.


Are you looking for the perfect bake for your pizza? For a soft and crispy dough worthy of your favorite restaurant, it’s the temperature that will make the difference. It is essential that the heat is well distributed in the oven for even cooking. It is estimated that a minimum temperature of 250 ° C is required. It is essential that your oven heats up quickly to avoid waiting too long.


Some ovens are versatile: you can use them as a plancha or bread oven. Do not hesitate to grill prawns or other seafood there, Fish, pieces of meat or slices of vegetables, all without any fat. Also check that you have set your sights on a product that contains all the useful accessories: brush for cleaning the equipment, pizza peel, suitable knife, etc.

How to make a stone and clay pizza oven?

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