How to choose a provider for a € 1 Insulation

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Many people still think that the 1 euro isolation is a scam. Well no ! you can really pay only € 1 to insulate your walls or attic thanks to state aid. This is a government measure aimed at establishing equality in energy expenditure. For € 1, households with modest incomes can have their home insulated according to the rules of the art.

The isolation device for 1 euro is intended for everyone. To benefit from it, you have to choose a professional who has the RGE certification (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment). A craftsman who has extensive knowledge in energy renovation. You must of course be eligible first to take advantage of the € 1 insulation program with no hidden costs.

RGE craftsman

The € 1 insulation device is mainly financed by polluting companies. This allows them to avoid paying the carbon tax. Several professionals offer the € 1 insulation service. These are craftsmen who necessarily have RGE certification. It is essential to work with craftsmen who have this certification.

This RGE guarantee is a first reassuring element on the competence of the professional. The insulation will be carried out according to the standards in force and required by the 1 euro insulation program.

Some essential points

To be eligible for the € 1 insulation program, several elements are taken into account, namely the geographical area, the number of residents as well as the reference tax income. If you are eligible for the € 1 insulation program, take the time to choose the professional who will take care of the insulation of your home.

You should know that you do not have to pay upfront. Choose your craftsman among the professionals who benefit from the “QUALIBAT RGE” certification. Qualification that is awarded to companies that have been the subject of an in-depth audit (such as France Solar). Know that an RGE professional is qualified in terms of insurance, in particular ten-year insurance.

However, you must be vigilant: not all professionals claiming that they are authorized to carry out 1 euro insulation work are necessarily recommended. It is crucial to select a professional with at least 5 years of experience in the field of insulation of private houses, do not hesitate to consult the site sheets like or to verify if the company does not have financial difficulties.

It is always preferable to choose a company specializing in renewable energies whose insulation activity 1 € represents a large part of the services offered, a sign that it will have been able to develop real expertise with the aim of promoting the operation of green energy and energy savings. With € 1 insulation, each household will be able to contribute to the preservation of natural resources by reducing the energy consumption of the home.

Insulation 1 €, reduce heat loss in your home

One of the objectives of the € 1 insulation work is to reduce heat loss in the home. The walls, the attic, the roof or the floor are surfaces of the house which let heat escape. They need to be insulated to keep the heat inside the house in order to reduce the energy consumption for heating your interior.

Once you have chosen the professional who will perform the insulation for 1 €, the company will send a technician to calibrate the work as closely as possible to your needs. The technician will carry out a technical diagnosis in order to determine the extent of the work to be carried out. A team of professionals will then travel to carry out the insulation work on your home.

To insulate a home, the craftsman can call on a set of solutions, such as the installation of glass wool or rock wool (ACERMI certified). He can also opt for the blowing technique. Glass wool or rock wool remain the most common in the attic by blowing.

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