How to choose a quality wallet for men?

As you may have already anticipated, a quality men’s wallet is a leather wallet. However, not all types of leather are of high quality. With your wallet being heavily used, you need high quality leather to extend its life as long as possible.

How to recognize a quality portfolio?

Sweet leather or “boxcalf” is the most qualitative leather from which a men’s wallet can be made. But if you are against using natural leather this way, you can go for synthetic leather, but keep in mind that it will last a lot less.

The way the leather is dyed is also important. You can recognize good quality leather if you can see the fine pores. A very beautiful wallet whose pores cannot be seen is painted in a technique that will make the wallet look deeper much faster. You will notice that it will gather where it is folded and that it may even exfoliate over time.

A quality men’s wallet will not only have leather on the outside. Separator segments should be made of the same type of leather and not other materials such as textile elastic fabrics. In general, the textile inserts in the wallet wear out very quickly due to the limited friction resistance.

Even if you are buying online, choose a seller who will provide you with as many images as the product in it. Many sellers do not offer pictures on the inside and only mention the material from which the wallet is made on the outside. So choose to buy from a seller who gives you as much detail as possible about your wallet.

In the case of a specialized men’s wallet, such as cardboard, metal inserts may also appear. Make sure it is stainless and the finish is of a good quality and will not change color over time. The other wallets have a plastic case covered with leather.

Details indicating a quality men’s wallet

Another indicator of quality is the way the internal parts are constructed. Dividers for cards and papers can be made from overlapping pieces of leather or by creating cutouts in a secure piece of leather.

The first method is more expensive, but still stronger, while the second is cheaper for the manufacturer, because less leather is used. Unfortunately, this difference is not reflected in the final price. In addition, the second method is less qualitative because the cuts in the leather will widen over time and no longer keep the cards safe.

Another important detail is the edges. Most manufacturers produce wallets with the edges “wrapped” in a layer of leather. But a quality man’s wallet will have a double wrapped edge, and you will recognize these wallets because they have thicker edges.

This method will make the edges stronger. If your wallet has wrapped edges, it will be painted. The painted edges can be the same color or, for more modern wallets, they will be in bright colors like blue, green, magenta or red. Choose the colored wallet so that it matches your personality.

The corners should always be rounded, otherwise one can not speak of a quality men’s wallet. This seemingly insignificant detail will make your wallet more comfortable because you won’t hit the corners, but even more resistant.

Sleek corner envelopes catch on to the fabric of clothing, wear out faster, and encourage seams to break over time. Also, a wallet with rounded corners will be easier to put in your pocket as it will not get caught in your clothes.

How to maintain a quality portfolio to keep it for a long time?

No matter what type of wallet you choose, a men’s wallet will only retain its quality if handled properly. In this sense, there are a few things you should or shouldn’t do. It is good to carry cash and papers in your wallet every day, but it is not advisable to carry all of your cards with you.

For example, you may not need daily discount cards at every drugstore in town. If you carry too many plastic items like this, you may lose your wallet very hard.

One thing to do is to clean the wardrobe often enough to avoid clutter of receipts or unnecessary items. A messy wallet is neither stylish nor healthy for the life of your wallet.

You should have a special wallet for your documents and not carry it in your wallet every day. If you have multiple business cards in your wallet, they can stretch the fabric and strain the stitches. In fact, nothing thicker than a credit card should be carried in your wallet, as it will damage quite badly.

With this information available, we are sure you will make the best decision. Remember that another effective way to determine if a wallet is worth the money is to consult the opinions of other buyers.

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