How to Choose a Radio Controlled Car for an Enthusiast?

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Although they are considered toys for most people, radio controlled cars are more than one thing. There are a lot of amateurs and they like to have models that are both sturdy and aesthetic. Their choice should therefore be the subject of great care. Discover here the aspects to take into account in order to choose the right radio-controlled car for an enthusiast.

What criteria for a good radio-controlled car?

When you decide to embark on the search for a radio controlled car, for a follower of these small cars, there are details to watch out for in order to make sure that you make the right choice and that the model will please. Here list here some criteria to take into account when choosing when buying a machine or a radio controlled vehicle.


An important element to consider when choosing a radio controlled car is the performance it exhibits. You will find in stores several kinds of remote control cars, some just as powerful as the others. Some are super fast and others are slower, but easier to handle. You must be careful to choose the one that will suit your expectations and that will match the profile of the person who will receive it as a gift.


The autonomy of the radio-controlled car is largely responsible for the degree of satisfaction. On average, it is between 20 and 30 minutes. So if you find models that have a lower battery life, you can go your way, the ideal is to choose a model that charges quickly to enjoy it more.

The right wheels for off-roading

Off-road radio-controlled cars are made up of a set of 4-wheel drive. The latter must be able to face, and without difficulty, all types of terrain that come their way. It is therefore necessary to ensure with the help of the opinions of previous buyers that it is capable of crossing any type of terrain.

Good handling

Having a radio-controlled car is of no interest if it cannot be controlled. To find out if a model is manoeuvrable, analyze the remote control to see if it is equipped with the two joysticks which allow to manage the direction and the speed.

Which brand of radio controlled car to choose?

Jamara logo

On the market we find a diversity of brands of radio controlled vehicle. You should give priority to cars that use strong, waterproof magnetic motor. Choose a model whose wheels are suitable for all types of terrain. Make sure you can use it on the beach, in your garden, on muddy ground, or on snow and in places with a lot of stones.

The brand’s models Jamara for example give you a realistic driving feeling. They have a powerful remote control which offers a wonderful experience of remote guidance. The brand offers different types of more or less off-road, city, sports vehicles, there is something for everyone.

Choose an electric or thermal model?

Models of radio-controlled cars with thermal power are relatively expensive, powerful, and run on a mixture of gasoline. Electric models on the other hand use batteries or cells. It is therefore important to make your choice based on what will suit you best.

Which car ladder to choose?

The scales go from 1: 4 th for the larger models to 1:87 th for the most miniaturized. It must be said that there is no scale more interesting than others because it is above all a subjective criterion. You must therefore make your choice according to your expectations.

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