How to choose a real estate expert in Paris 14th?

Whether it is for the sale, rental or purchase of real estate, the appraisal of an expert is always essential. The help of a real estate expert is important to ensure the success of real estate transactions.

However, it is not easy to choose the ideal person given the many professionals available. So here’s what to remember to make the right choice.

The missions of a real estate expert

This professional supports his clients in several procedures such as divorce, bank loan application, inheritance, revision of rent, liquidation of assets, ISF declaration, claims, asset valuation, etc. The ‘Mon Paris immobilier’ agency specializing in Parisian real estate transactions can:

– Estimate the value of a property taking into account the location of the building, the available surface area, the various defects, etc.

– Provide crucial information to the future owner of a property to enable him to make the right decision.

– Offer the potential purchaser of a property the possibility of easily obtaining a mortgage thanks to the information collected.

– Constitute evidence in the event of a dispute to bring before the courts. The result of the expertise can be used as solid elements to negotiate before a judge for example.

Choosing a real estate expert: the 7 essential factors

Paris remains one of the 3 most expensive cities in the world, so seeking expert help is essential to ensure successful real estate transactions. The intervention of a real estate expert is carried out in three stages. This professional begins by visiting the premises.

Then, he carries out documentation work before writing his report containing detailed information on his expertise. Here are seven criteria for choosing the ideal real estate expert:

1 – An independent and impartial real estate expert

Many real estate experts are attached to real estate agencies, while the expert must be independent to be reliable. Indeed, the expert linked to an agency generally seeks to speed up the process of selling or renting the accommodation which is the subject of an appraisal.

2 – A professional who knows your region well

Call on a real estate expert who has a broad knowledge of your region. A professional who knows the market to which your property belongs. This makes it possible to ensure that you benefit from qualitative expertise.

3 – reputation

This is a significant factor that allows you to make the right choice. So, take the time to verify the reputation of the professional who catches your attention. You must make sure that it is a real estate expert who regularly receives positive opinions from Internet users. Today, online reviews are important for choosing the best qualified provider.

5 – Qualification

A good real estate expert must have the necessary skills to effectively accomplish his missions. A specialist who presents diplomas recognized by the profession offers you support that meets your expectations.

6 – An expert available quickly

Whatever the reason that pushes you to call a real estate expert, it is best to contact a professional who can intervene quickly. Because in real estate, if the wait is long, you risk missing out on a great opportunity.

7 – An expert who has insurance

The ideal real estate expert should have professional liability insurance. Thus, its responsibility is engaged for the achievement of its missions. You must ensure that the report that the expert sends you at the end of his expertise work includes his signature and the stamp of his office.

You are aware that the real estate appraisal is admissible in court to assert the right of the person who requested the appraisal. In this case, it is recommended to choose the professional to whom to entrust this important mission.

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