How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner for a Good Cleaning After a Job Site?

A construction vacuum cleaner is the ideal device for optimum cleaning of heavy and solid waste that may result from construction, DIY or workshop work. More powerful than a household vacuum cleaner, it is specially designed for vacuuming dust, rubble, wood debris, metals and even liquids.

Discover our selection of the best vacuum cleaners for construction sites and some tips for choosing them.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for jobs?

To choose the best vacuum cleaner for jobs, you must choose a model whose characteristics are perfectly suited to your needs or the use you want to make of it. Below is the list of key specs to look at:

  • The power of the device
  • Depression (suction force) expressed in Kpa
  • Suction flow
  • The filtering surface
  • The capacity of the tank / reservoir
  • The weight of the vacuum cleaner
  • Sound level

Top 3 best vacuum cleaners for construction

To go further, we have selected 3 products for you that can meet these different criteria. All major brands like Bosch, Karcher or Einhell, all famous in the DIY world.

Einhell Wet and dry vacuum cleaner 40L TE-VC 2340 SA

This Einhell wet and dry vacuum cleaner combines versatility and high performance at a reasonable cost. It is equipped with a powerful 1200 watt Eco motor which generates a suction force of 23 Kpa while consuming little energy.

Its stainless steel tank offers a large volume of 40 liters. Its suction hose allows a radius of action of 3 m and you can move / transport it easily thanks to its wheels and telescopic handlebar. Compact and lightweight, it is supplied with a nozzle and numerous accessories to easily remove dust and liquids.

Kärcher WD3 P Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaners

This WD3 P model is designed to be as practical as it is multifunctional, while remaining compact enough for portability and easy storage. Its 1400 W motor generates an ideal suction force for cleaning on site, after DIY or daily cleaning.

Its 17-liter tank is equipped with a Pull & Push system for better sealing and more comfort of use. With a diameter of 35 mm, the metric hose offers a working radius of 4 m. Finally, it has a practical socket for connecting power tools.

Bosch workshop vacuum cleaner – AdvancedVac 20

The vacuum cleaner follows the line of versatile models designed by Bosch. Its 1200 W motor delivers optimum power for efficient cleaning of a construction site or DIY workshop. A pre-filter limits the risk of clogging, while its versatile filter sucks both wet and dry materials.

Its 20 liter tank is fitted with a practical valve for emptying large volumes of water. There is no risk of electric shock with its electrostatic suction hose. A universal adapter lets you connect the vacuum to power tools for added flexibility.

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