How to choose a Van for your Professional Activity?

A utility vehicle is a very important piece of equipment for a business. However, when buying it, it is difficult to make a choice because of the models available on the market. Before making his decision, a professional must then take into account a few criteria. Here, find out how to select a van for your professional activities!

What are the criteria to take into account when choosing a van for your activity?

The first step before choosing a utility vehicle (UV) for your activities is to take into account its use. Depending on the area of ​​your activities and your needs, several models of vans will be offered to you. Therefore, you must define the exterior size of the vehicle for your activities.

Then, you can base yourself on other criteria such as the size of the trunk as well as the payload that you must not exceed. As you progress, you will eventually find the van that best suits your needs. Here are some examples of criteria:

  • Van payload
  • Number of seats
  • Fuel type and transmission
  • Engine, trim level and options

It is also possible to focus on additional specific equipment related to your activity.

What are the different types of cargo vans?

Van with van and small box illustration

Here are some examples of vans suitable for transporting goods. They will differ mainly on their size and therefore their loading capacity.

The van

This is a vehicle that is offered in a compact format. In addition, it has a body manufactured for the transport of small volume. Its payload is 500 to 900 kg with a loading volume of up to 4 cubic meters. The van is suitable for activities in urban areas.

The van

Unlike the van, this vehicle is larger with a loading capacity of up to 8 cubic meters with a payload of 1,500 kg. There are two models: one with two lengths and another with two heights. If you are looking for a comfortable and spacious utility vehicle, then this is it.

The big van

This vehicle is designed for transporting goods with a large volume. Its loading capacity is 20 cubic meters. The payload of this vehicle can reach 2,200 kg depending on the model.

In addition, these automobiles are equipped with a cabin that you can transform into a mobile office. For example, you can choose a van from the Volkswagen range if you find yourself spoiled for choice.

What are the regulations concerning utilities transporting goods?

Green pencil ticking boxes

According to the regulations, there are several types of VU. Their distribution and configuration derive from your trade and the goods you will be transporting. Also, it is possible by law to increase the transport surface of your vehicle.

In addition, there are other types of fittings for light commercial vehicles such as tie-down systems to secure your goods.

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