How to choose an electric motorcycle for children from the Peg Perego brand?

If your child’s eyes sparkle when he sees a motorbike go by, he will probably be very happy to have his own! You can find electric motorcycles specially adapted for children at Peg Perego, a leading Italian brand in the manufacture of toys. The Peg Perego brand is renowned for being very good value for money and is one of the first to market motorized toys. So you can trust him!

The characteristics to select a motorcycle from Peg Perego

But how can you be sure that you choose the motorcycle that will appeal the most to your child? These few tips will help you find that rare gem, for different advice and a great selection of children’s motorcycles, check out the My Super Moto site which will answer other of your questions about electric motorcycles.

To get started, find out what power and speed is best for your child’s age. An electric motorcycle for children can have a power of 6, 12 or 36V. 6V motorcycles are recommended for very young children, from 12 months and up to a maximum of 4 years. They can travel at a speed of between 2 and 5 km / h, which is perfectly safe for a small child. If your child is between 4 and 7 years old and is a bit more hothead, a 12V motorcycle is perfect for him. The maximum speed of a 12V motorcycle is 7 km / h. For an older child who appreciates the thrills, you can choose a 36V motorcycle. But beware: this type of motorcycle can exceed 20 km / h, so it is not suitable if your child has never ridden an electric motorcycle.

Two other criteria should be taken into account when choosing a Peg Perego motorcycle for your child: quality and safety. Thus, be sure to choose a motorcycle made of a sufficiently resistant material, and which will ensure maximum safety for your child.

Finally, you will have to choose a motorcycle that will guarantee the best possible stability for your child. For this, it will be necessary to consider the presence or absence of small rear wheels on the sides, the height of the saddle and of the motorcycle in general, or the existence of a backrest. It is best to buy the motorbike in the presence of your child so that he can try it out.

The best electric motorbikes Peg Perego

Peg Perego offers various models, with different colors, different designs and more or less varied options. Ask your child to find out what he prefers: a police motorcycle with a flashing light? A competition motorcycle to imagine yourself as a motocross star? It is important that the chosen motorcycle corresponds to his wishes.

Here are two of the most popular Peg Perego models:

  • The Raider Tricycle is a 6V electric motorcycle intended for children aged 1 to 4 years, and up to 15 kg. It has three wide wheels to provide maximum safety for your child. Its maximum speed is 2.7 km / h. Thanks to its accelerator pedal and automatic brake, it is easy to handle and very safe. Finally, its realistic design is sure to please your child!
  • The Ducati Enduro motorcycle is reserved for older children, from three years old. It has a 12V battery and can reach 8 km / h. This bike includes a lot of realistic details that will delight your child, from rubber tires and exhaust, including the kickstand, horn, throttle grip and starter key. In addition, the motorcycle is equipped with three boxes, one at the back and two removable on the sides which will give your child the impression of being an adventurer. Finally, you should know that the brake is not automatic, but if your child is not yet comfortable on a motorcycle, you have the option of deactivating second gear and adding two additional small wheels.

You now have all the cards in hand to make your choice!

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