How to Choose between an Electric or Gasoline Quad for a Child?

Electric quad and gasoline quad are the two main types of quad that are available to you when choosing the ideal vehicle for your child.

If electric models seem better suited for driving younger children, the thermal quad also has attractive advantages that may tip your decision in its favor.

Focus on the unique advantages of each of these quad variants to help you choose the one that best suits your child’s needs.

Why choose an electric quad?

In addition to being adapted for the needs of the youngest, its electric motor makes it more ecological and economical. Likewise, it is quieter and easier to maintain.

Best suited for the youngest

Electric quads have lower performance in terms of power and speed. They go slower and are easier and more comfortable for children to use.

Which is why they are best recommended for younger children, especially those who are learning to use a quad for the first time. You will easily find models of electric quad bikes for girls and boys suitable for all ages.

Ecological and economical

Powered by electricity via a rechargeable battery, the electric quad has the advantage of being the most ecological. This makes it an ideal choice for parents wishing to limit their environmental impact and reduce their emission of polluting gases.

What’s more, using the battery saves you on fuel costs in the long run. In practice, recharging via an electrical outlet… will cost you less than recharging with gasoline.


The electric quad is also very popular for its quiet operation. This is not the case with gasoline quads which can be noisy.

Because it emits hardly any noise, the electric quad is an ideal choice if you like silence and tranquility. Likewise, it is not likely to harm the neighborhood, especially if your child intends to enjoy his machine for hours at a time.

Why choose a gasoline ATV?

The gasoline quad is to be preferred if you are looking for a much more efficient, more robust, autonomous and reliable machine.

More power

The gasoline quad is best distinguished by its higher performance. Equipped with a heat engine, they are more powerful and allow you to drive at faster speeds than electric quads. Which makes it a recommended model for older children.

Of course some models incorporate a clamp so that it is possible to limit the speed of the machine.

Stronger and more durable

The gasoline quad also has the advantage of being more solid and robust than the electric models. Your child is therefore not likely to break it easily. And with proper maintenance you will give him the privilege of enjoying his quad for many years to come.

More autonomous and reliable

Fueled by gasoline or diesel, thermal quads finally offer greater autonomy. This is not the case with electric models whose batteries are limited to a few kilometers only depending on the driving mode. Concretely, your child will be able to ride longer and go even further.

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